The Proposal

If you read my last blog post you’ll know that New Year’s Eve was a very special one for me. Or if you follow me on social media you’ll already know my big news…. I’m engaged!


3000 days together, 8 years to the minute that he first said he loved me, Matt dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. To say it was magical is a complete understatement. I still tear up every time I think about it. So let’s start from the beginning…

Was I expecting it? No. But I had hoped for it. Marriage was always something we had talked about and I knew it would happen eventually, but I didn’t know when eventually would be. As time has gone by every special occasion, holiday or weekend away resulted in friends and family hinting it may happen and checking upon our return to see if I had a ring on my hand. It seems as though everyone we know expected it to happen during our anniversary trip to Paris in October! I never know what to expect from Matt, he always surprises me so I just never got my hopes up for any trip away.

We didn’t have definite plans for New Year’s Eve, we just knew that we didn’t want to be in Time Square… madness! The only definite was that we were to have dinner at Marta downtown. We spent a lot of New Year’s Eve walking around the city and taking in the exciting atmosphere. We eventually decided that the best place to be at Midnight was Central Park as we’d read that no matter where you are in the park you can see the fireworks, plus it wasn’t too far from our hotel.

At around 11:30 we entered Central Park and looked for a place to see in the New Year. I wanted to head towards the ice skating rink that we had visited earlier in the day but Matt discovered a hill with a ledge we could sit on which had a view over towards the fireworks. So we climbed the hill/rock and sat and waited.


The hill only had a handful of other people on it so was nice and quiet compared to some crowds elsewhere. But as the temperature dropped I started to feel the chill so we both got up and had a little walk around to get the blood running again. Matt then sat back down but I wanted to stay standing as I was still cold. Close to midnight I sat back down ready for the fireworks to start but Matt said that we should stand up to see in the New Year. I now know why he was insistent of me to stand back up!


As midnight hit the city we could hear the cheers echo from Time Square like a tidal wave up the city and the fireworks started. As soon as the fireworks started we wished each other a Happy New Year and Matt then dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him. I remember there being a lot of “whoops” and cheers behind us from the small crowd. I was so taken back from him dropping to one knee that I just burst into tears and said “Oh my God”, I can barely remember it happening I was in a state of shock. I just had a wave of pure joy run through me. He then got the ring out of his pocket -the ring was in a huge box and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed it all evening! He placed the ring on my finger and we sat back down and watched the rest of the fireworks and enjoyed the moment of sitting together and letting it all sink in – I could of sat there forever.


Matt informed me later in the evening that he had planned to propose underneath the Christmas Tree at the Rockefeller Centre after dinner, but he had a realisation that they would take his jacket off him when we went for dinner. So decided we should go a see the tree before dinner, however we couldn’t get across to it due to Sixth Avenue being closed for the Times Square celebrations. So he risked going to dinner and when asked if they could check his coat said no he’ll keep hold of it. I just thought it was his Yorkshire side coming out and he didn’t want to leave a tip for checking his coat! We did go to the Rockefeller Centre after dinner but the tree was switched off and the plaza was closed. He didn’t panic though… so he tells me! I think the proposal was perfect. Just the two of us (and a very small crowd) in the park with fireworks above us sharing a feeling of pure love and emotion.

When I look back at our trip now there was a few things that make a lot more sense. When packing for the trip Matt was stressing about how he needs to pack a holdall for his hand luggage full of clothes in case our luggage is lost. He then got his holdall out of the wardrobe and realised the zip was broken which he was very annoyed at even when I said we can just buy a new one. He ended up packing his “clothes” in his satchel. Turns out his satchel only contained a jumper with the ring hidden underneath it!

When arriving at the hotel he put our valuables in the safe and locked it. I then realised I had left my purse on the side so asked him for the safe code so I could put it in the safe. He was sketchy about the code and told me it was fiddly, so I said I’d best leave it alone otherwise I’d lock everything in it. I now understand why he didn’t want me in the safe!


Being engaged didn’t really hit me until I started to say “fiance” out loud. I often slip up and say “my boyfriend” and have to correct myself. And everytime I spot my ring I still can’t believe it. Matt laughs that he always catches me staring at the ring.

It also feels different being engaged. I can’t quite explain why but it’s like there is a sense of strength between us, a feeling of being grounded and also incredible excitement and smugness. Currently we’re enjoying celebrating the next stage of our relationship with our family and friends.


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