Give Your Muscles Some Love

Be it DOMS from a tough workout or stiffness and knots from spending too long slumped over a computer at work; our muscles can be taken for granted and left in a poor state from the lifestyles we live. I’m guilty of taking a run and not stretching afterwards, for sitting too long at a desk or for sitting with poor posture. However there are a number of small things we can do to give our muscles some love and make yourself feel a million times better!


Whether it’s a little stretch in the morning when getting out of bed, a yoga class or just 5 minutes after your workout stretching always feels good! Just be sure that your muscles are warm before stretching so you don’t pull anything!



I’ve never had a sports massage but know that many swear by them, especially if they are working out often. However I am a fan of hitting the spa for a relaxing massage and a little R&R. Recently I’ve been enjoying the benefits of a massage without hitting a spa thanks to the new Deep Heat Roll-On Lotion*. It’s fast acting at heating up and stays warm for at least an hour. I’ve been using it on my shoulders after a stressful day slumped at a computer, on my hamstrings after a tough run and on my stomach when cramps hit. The science behind Deep Heat Roll-On Lotion is that one of the key ingredients works by activating the TPRV1 receptors in skin which alerts the brain to a sudden change in temperature at the site. Studies showed that just 10 seconds of massage using a roller similar to the Deep Heat applicator resulted in a 4.3% increase in range of movement.

Foam Roll

Another form of self massage that is a must do for me – foam rolling!  It’s a love hate thing, but something that is worth the pain. For those new to foam rolling, it’s a form of self massage which uses your body’s own weight to massage out the tightness and tension of the connective tissues surrounding your muscles. By applying pressure to isolated muscle groups, the kinks and knots that have built up in muscles have a chance to get stretched out.


Fill up that tub, throw in some Epsom Salts and relax. The combination of a hot bath and the magic of Epsom Salts help relieve tired muscles. Epsom salts contain magnesium which helps improve muscle and nerve function, reduces inflammation and improves blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body!

Which ways do you look after your muscles?

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