Where did my mojo go?

Losing your mojo happens to us all, for a range of reasons. I think if I have to put my finger on it, for me it was starting a new job in the summer.

It appears as though I am a creature of habit for as soon as there is a disruption in my routine my mojo runs away and I can only concentrate on one thing at a time. Currently my job is a priority and my health and fitness seems to be at the bottom of this list of priorities. Adapting to my new routine has taken longer than I thought it would, but my new job is anything but a routine so trying to fit meal prep and workouts around early shifts, late shifts, lieu days and working weekends has been difficult.

However there are millions of people who live lives like this so really it’s all an excuse! I need to give myself a good talking to, a shake down or a kick up the bum and push my health and fitness back up my list of priorities. It’s time to find my mojo! So how can you go about getting your mojo back?

Set a goal

One of a best ways to ensure you get back on track and stay on it is to give yourself a goal. Sign up for a race, get a group together and tackle Total Warrior or Tough Mudder, set mini personal goals. Personally I’m challenging myself to an Advent Running Streak so will be running at least a mile everyday for the next 25 days. I always feel a million times better about myself and more clear headed after a run so think this is perfect for me!

Mix it up

Forget your old routine, it may not be inspiring you anymore. Find something new to tackle. Sign up for a new class, throw in some cardio if you’re a lifting queen or if you’re a cardio bunny pick up some dumbbells, try working out in the morning, or head to the swimming pool. Mixing it up and trying something new can add some excitement back into your fitness routine.

Find a partner

Bring along a friend and have some fitness fun together. Some people find that working out with someone helps keep them accountable – they’re less likely to skip the gym if they know they’ll disappoint their friend. Just make sure you keep each other accountable and don’t skip your hour classes for happy hour at a bar (it can happen!)


Many like to workout to music, or have a variety of app giving them a running commentary of their workout. Like all things in life, sometimes it’s nicer to do things without your phone or watch tagging along. I’ve recently been running without music and find that it’s really helped me zone into my breathing and improve it. Without background music or apps it can help your really zone out of everything and concentrate on your workout.

What tips do you have for getting your mojo back?

I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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