Christmas at the Co-op

Christmas came early on Friday! Friday was the Co-op’s Blogger Christmas Showcase which I’ve been looking forward to for a long time! For those of you who are unaware I joined the Co-op’s social media team in the summer, so for the first time I experienced a blogger event from the organisers side.

coop christmas 9Even though I was there to work I also got to experience the night and enjoyed mingling with some very talented bloggers who had travelled many miles to join us. It was an evening filled with incredible food and drink.

Last year the Co-op sold more Prosecco than milk the week before Christmas!

While we enjoyed the many, many courses we heard talks from the product developers about all the care and attention that goes into the products. We learnt about the popularity of the award winning Prosecco and the secret family recipes that will be hitting the shelves this year – keep an eye out for the popping candy cocktail sausages!

coop christmas 8coop christmas 6coop christmas 5
Although we get to try a range of Co-op products as they hit the shelves, there was a lot served on the evening that I was new to. My favourites from the evening were; the range of pates, the turkey and stuffing, the popping candy cocktail sausages with sweet honey and wholegrain mustard glaze, the Truly Irresistible Millionaires Salted Caramel dessert and the Pinot Noir wine.

After the fabulous food there was an insightful panel with questions from the audience. The bloggers on the panel; Jordan, Sian, Louise and Jane all shared their experiences and tips.

IMG_0256coop christmas 1 coop christmas 2

After the fantastic panel discussion, there was a demo of mug cakes and even more food! And no event is complete without a goody bag… all the bloggers received a personalised cupcake along with a great range of the Co-op Christmas food to enjoy at home with their families!

Have you enjoyed your first Christmas dinner of the season yet? What’s your favourite Christmas food?


  1. Natalie Tamara

    “Last year the Co-op sold more Prosecco than milk the week before Christmas!” – This is a great fact 😉 And it was a great night, thanks for having us all! I think my favourite overall had to be the salted caramel dessert x


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