Magitone Barefaced Review

Since I hit puberty many moons ago I have always struggled with my skin. I was self conscious of my skin so slathered it with layers of foundation and concealer while at school then piled on powerful doctor prescribed chemicals at night. As I hit university my skin calmed down a little, however I was lazy with my skincare. Years of partying, unhealthy food and only cleaning my face with face-wipes left my skin dull and prone to breakouts. It wasn’t until the age of around 23 that I decided to thrown my last pack of face-wipes in the bin and try a three step cleansing programme.

After finally cleaning my skin properly I was amazed at how quickly it cleared up. Don’t get me wrong I’m still a little self-conscious of it due to scaring and uneven skintone from my teenage years, but it’s a million times better than it was a few years ago. So as I now understand that for the best looking skin you need to throw out those face-wipes and actually clean your face properly I was excited too try the new Magitone Barefaced Cleansing Brush*.

Magitone BareFaced review (2)

For those who aren’t aware of what the above contraption is; its a cleansing brush. These have become much talked about this year with a variety of brands launching them at various price ranges. I remember having a budget brush such as this when I was about 14 but I never used it properly, so it’s good to have the chance to give it a try now when I know the importance of cleaning your skin properly.

The Magitone Barefaced Daily Cleansing Brush has 2 modes, one for cleaning and one for toning. It claims to offer results from the first use thanks to its Vibra-Sonic Gentle Deep-Pore Cleansing.

Magitone BareFaced review (3)Magitone BareFaced review (4)

So what did I think…

Firstly the packing is gorgeous… I’m a sucker for lovely packing as it really sets the tone for the product. I like that is says on the packaging to features of the brush so you become familiar with your cleansing brush straight away.

The huge selling point for me with this brush is that it is 100% waterproof so mine lives happily in my bathroom and is used daily when I’m in the shower. The 20 second timer and 1 minute stop is also very handy as it tells you how long you should be cleaning your face so you don’t skim but also don’t over-wash and be at risk of irritating your skin. I vary between the two modes, one day I use the deep clean mode and the other day I use the tone mode… the tone mode is like a mini facial and helps get the blood pumping correctly around your face leaving it glowing. The battery life is good on the brush and is easily rechargeable via USB.

The results…

Since using my Magitone Barefaced Brush I am very happy with my skin. It now has a firm place in my skincare regime as it has helped ensure I go to bed every night with crystal clear skin. The brushes haven’t irritated my skin at all but have instead gently buffed away dead skin cells and helped exfoliate my skin. I have been using a cream cleanser with my brush which I purchased from a spa that does get a good foam… this has worked perfectly for me. I feel more confident about being barefaced especially after the tone mode which leaves me with a lovely glow.

Magitone Barefaced! – – £70.

Have you ever used a cleaning brush? What were your experiences like?

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