Paris | Les Jardin des Tuileries, Champs Elysees & L’Arc du Triomphe

It started with a birthday present back in May, and now the weekend has finally arrived. Matt had decided to whisk us both away to Paris for the weekend to celebrate our 8th anniversary.
I’ve been longing to take Matt for years now as its one of my favourite cities and somewhere I have visited often with friends.

We arrived at noon on Friday and headed straight to our hotel in the 8th Arondissement not too far away from Monte Marte. 

Upon checking into Le Swann Hotel we were shown to our gorgeous suite on the first floor. With a terrace view, sunken bath and humongous bed we were both impressed.

After dropping off our bags we headed downhill towards the centre of the city. As it was a very cloudy day we knew the Eiffel Tower was off the table so spent the afternoon meandering around Les Jardin des Tuileries. Having already experienced and been lost in La Lourve we decided to give the huge queues a miss and head up the Champs Elysees towards L’Arc de Triomphe.

When we arrived at Place de la Concorde we stumbled upon a pop up art exhibition celebrating Saint Gobain 350. There were a lot of user participant displays which we decided to have a little fun on.

Refuelling on crepes we set off back towards L’Arc du Triomphe. Usually there is a fantastic view of it right up the Champs Elysees but due to low cloud we weren’t so lucky. After navigating through the sea of tourists along the Champs Elysees we bought our ticket for L’Arc du Triomphe (boo hoo for no longer being under 25 and being eligible for free entry). 

We started our ascent up the 284 steps to the top of L’Arc. Having walked up the 509 steps of Cologne Cathedral these weren’t too bad and the view is definitely worth it!

It’s actually one of my favourite views of the city as you can see how the city streets pan out below you, see the fantastic architecture plus the manic traffic below – which is always funny to watch!

Our stomachs were starting to rumble by this point so we caught the metro back up to our hotel and readied ourselves for the evening.

We headed up to Place De Clichy from our hotel which is a lively little area. We enjoyed our dinner then headed to one of the most popular bars with a view of the square; Le Petit Poucet. With lots of tables inside and out, a great selection of wine and beers and what looked like delicious food it’s easy to see why it was one of the busiest bars. 

We perched ourselves on a table on the front underneath the heaters, purchased two glasses of Sancerre, huddled up together and spent a few hours watching the world go by.

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