Bagel Brunch | Cream Cheese, Egg & Spinach

Bagels are definitely one of my favourite ways to enjoy bread! I can’t wait to go back to New York this year to enjoy a true New York bagel! Recently I’ve been enjoying Dr Zaks High Protein Bagels* as they are incredibly filling! I can eat them for a late brunch and not have to worry about food until dinner time – they are that filling! I’ve been munching on the multigrain ones but they also do a sweet version in cinnamon. My struggle with bagels is that sometimes I’m not as adventurous with the toppings as I should be – I’m such a sucker for almond butter!

Dr Zak High Protein Bagels Review - Brunch Bagel IdeasDr Zak High Protein Bagels Review - Brunch Bagel Ideas (2)Dr Zak High Protein Bagels Review - Brunch Bagel Ideas (4)

However the other weekend I put the almond butter back in the cupboard and rummaged around in my fridge to see what I could come up with to make my bagel more exciting! On a Saturday morning I usually have the weeks leftovers in the fridge so it can be a bit hit and miss, but this week I came up with a winner! I suppose its a vegetarian version of a Club Sandwich, so you could chuck in a bit of bacon or chicken it you have it.

Grab your cream cheese, I’ve been using Philadelphia in the little individual pots so it lasts longer – bonus – add a generous layer to the bottom bagel. Next add a little spinach for a good source of protein. Top with a juicy slice of beef tomato then a runny fried egg!

It’s a simple combination but it worked very well and hit the spot for me, so I thought I would share it for a little bagel topping inspiration if you ever need it!

What’s your favourite bagel topping? Do you like to be adventurous or do you stick with almond butter.


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