Making The Most Of The Last Of Summer | #SummerRunnin

I am such an Autumn girl – it’s definitely my favourite season. However one of the only downsides is that it makes running safely a little more difficult due to dark mornings and evenings, so this September I’m making the most of the last of summer and starting back on a running streak. From today I will be running at least a mile every day until the 23rd September – which is the first day of Autumn. I’ve done 2 running streaks once before but the max I’ve done is twenty days. I’m aiming to hit at least 30 miles over the next 23 days, which isn’t impressive to many but as a novice runner it’s good for me. Plus I’ve learnt from running streaks in the past I need to take it slow and steady and listen to my body rather than run too far too soon.

Runner Need ReviewRunner Need Review (2)

I’m not the only one who has been making the most of summer; Runners Need held a host of fun #SummerRunnin events in August which I was gutted to have missed. They kindly sent across some running goodies to help me make the most of the last days of #SummerRunnin! My little goodie box contains;

Chocolate Peanut flavoured GU Energy Gel – I don’t run far enough at the moment to need gels, but it does sound yummy! I may be donating this to my brother who is a crazy runner!

Nathan Lock Laces which really intrigue me. I don’t tend to have too much issue with my laces on my road running trainers, however my trail running trainers do have a tendency to come undone. These have been designed specifically for trail runs and hikes – so should be perfect! Their benefit is that they have limited stretch for enhanced stabilization and the lock and clip system keeps laces tight and secure.

Features Socks – I always need more workout socks so am very thankful for these! These socks apparently are a little more sophisticated than the other sport socks I currently own as they have Sock–Lock technology to provide targeted support where it’s needed – helping feet and socks act as one – hopefully my none sophisticated socks don’t get jealous! On slipping them on briefly they do feel very comfy. Their design helps protect against blisters which is something I do suffer with – so I have high hopes!

Flipbelt – which I’m very excited to try out! I’ve had my eye on this for a while as I haven’t found an armband I find comfortable so have a very bad habit of sometimes putting my phone in my bra when running– which is pretty gross and not good for my phone or boobs! Flipbelt is a spandex-lycra belt that sits snug on your hips. There’s no bulk or chafing and thanks to the snugness – no bouncing. I’m hoping it will be the perfect place to put my keys and phone when out for a run.

And lastly a cute Brooke Running T-shirt in white to keep me cool on the sunny days.

So here’s hoping the next 23 days of summer are filled with sunny peaceful mornings and fantastic hazy sunsets!

What goals have you set yourself for September? Have you been enjoying a summer of running? Or is it something you’re challenging yourself with in Autumn?

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  1. Teri-May

    I wish I could run, it’s the one exercise I truly can’t bear, so good on you I am very impressed!
    This post is exactly what I needed to see today, though. I usually go to the gym most days but haven’t been in two weeks (woops!!) so this has spurred me on to get back tonight, thanks! 🙂

    Teri-May xx


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