What’s In My Bag | Summer Edition

Whats in my summer bag - rayban aviator review

I don’t think in the four years I’ve been blogging that I’ve ever actually done a “What’s in my bag” post – which seems to be a blogger basic! As a girl who carries everything but the car sink in her bag I thought it might be fun to share.

At the moment I am using two bags, one during the week and one during the weekend. Above is my weekend bag which was my Black Friday bargain while in New York – The Michael Kors Selma Saffiano. During the week I use a Michael Kors Hamilton Saffiano as it’s larger so I can fit everything I need for my commute and work within it.

So “What’s In My Bag”?

Whats in my summer bag - rayban aviator review (2)Whats in my summer bag - rayban aviator review (3)


First and foremost for any handbag during the summer is sunglasses! I’m a little bit obsessed with sunglasses. I wear them all year round when there’s the slightest brightness in the sky. As a contact lens wearing my eyes are sensitive to the light more so than non contact lens wearers so sunglasses are a must when I drive but I also wear them day-to-day. I love aviator style glasses as they are such a classic and thankfully fit my face shape well. I’ve had various branded and non-branded aviator style glasses but have only just invested in the classic Ray-Ban aviators. I got my Ray-Ban 3025 aviator sunglasses* last month from the Sunglasses Shop and haven’t taken them off since! I’ve bought from the Sunglasses Shop before as trust the quality and service. They have a fantastic range of all the top brands at great prices and upon ordering postage is quick! These Ray-Ban Aviators have a gorgeous gold frame and light tan tint to the lens. There are a whole host of gorgeous shade lens available on the Sunglasses Shop website – I’ve got my eye on the light blue and green tinted ones!

Reading Material

I’m usually carrying around my Kindle to ensure I’ve always got reading material for journeys or down time. However as I have a hardback copy of To Kill A Mocking Bird, I thought it was only right to buy a hardback edition of Harper Lee’s new book Go Set A Watchman. I’m yet to start reading the new book as have spent the last couple of weeks re-reading To Kill A Mocking Bird. It was one of my favourite reads while at school and it’s been years since I have read it so thought a refresher would be great before reading the sequel.

Healthy Snacks & Water

I always try to ensure I’m carrying healthy snacks in every bag I carry to stop me picking up bags of crisps or chocolate when on the go. Nuts or Nakd bars can usually be found in the bottom of my bag somewhere. I’m also the girl who is constantly guzzling water so there will always be a water bottle in my bag or hand. I don’t drink fizzy drinks unless I have a meal out and occasionally have a green tea or a mint tea in the evening. So everyday I drink around 3 litre to water to ensure I’m hydrated.


My hand are so temperamental. Thankfully I don’t suffer from cracked skin but I do get dry and tight skin even in the summer months. In my old job handcream was kept on my desk to help battle this but as I work in a hot-desking environment know I ensure I’m carrying it around with me.

Tangle Tease Hairbrush

I think you’ll find one of these in most girls’ handbags these days!


There can be anywhere between 1 and 6 lipsticks in my bag at one time… I have an awful habit of leaving lipsticks in my bag. I usually rotate about 4 different shades for day-to-day wear and instead of swapping the lipstick in my bag each day I just throw the new shade in my bag… no wonder my bag gets so heavy! Pictured is Mac Please Me and Boujois Rouge Edition Velvet in Frambourjoise. The Boujois Rouge Edition Velvet range is a new obsession of mine as it’s a matte lip-stain that’s really pigmented and has great staying power.

Phone filled with apps

This is a basic is everyone’s handbag! At the moment the apps I use the most aside from all social media apps are Spotify for my early morning commute on the train, Buzzfeed as I’m obsessed with it and My Fitness Pal as I’m trying to track my macros as it’s something I’ve never tried before so it’s interesting to see the breakdown of my food intake in terms of protein, fat and carbs.

What are the essentials in your handbag during summer? Which sunglasses have you been wearing? Do you like the classic Aviator style?


I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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