Mind, Meals & Movement | 4


I can hold my hands up and say that my mind was not in the game last week! I could list endless excuses as to why health and fitness wasn’t a priority but really it’s not good enough… Not when just four weeks ago I said it needed to be one of my priorities!

mind movement meals - 3-3


Breakfasts last week were good with the exception of a fat breakfast on my last day in my old job… It was a special occasion! Lunches were a mixture of on track and whatever I get my hands on and dinners were all over the place! I think I only enjoyed two home-cooked meal last week.

I learnt a big lesion with listening to my body and remembering my food intolerances last week when I made myself ill. I enjoyed some rather tasty Sesame Seed and Coconut Snaps completely forgetting my intolerance to both those things! I eat coconut every now and again but I don’t eat sesame seeds… And won’t be again! I made myself that I’ll that I actually passed out! I’m just pleased that I’m aware of my food intolerances thanks to York Test otherwise I would be seriously wondering what was wrong with me!

mind movement meals - 3-4


Movement last week was at a snails pace. As I mentioned in last weekends update I injured my toe on Saturday night so did have to give myself a couple of days for that to heal. Those couple of days then turned into all week… Whoops!

Here’s to forgetting my excuses and making this week more successful! I’m aiming for 3 Kayla Itsines Bikini Body workouts and four runs with two nights of bedtime yoga!

What are your aims for the week ahead?


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