Mind, Meals & Movement | 3


Last week was full of highs and lows. As a week before my mind hasn’t been completely in the game meaning my meals have suffered. But I have been giving myself more “me” time. I had a long bath, I’ve been reading more and had 3 evening where I’ve done some stretching and bedtime yoga – meaning I have been sleeping better.

mind movement meals - 2-2


My meals were the worse area last week. I enjoyed a few more meals out that I should have been and think I have been stuck in the mindset that because I’ve been running everyday I don’t have to be careful with my food – which I know is a load of rubbish! I also had a boozy weekend – which are fine every once in a while, but know it will have effected my metabolism temporarily. I know for a fact that I this week ahead will be a struggle as I’m out for dinner on Tuesday and Thursday evening, so I need to make sure I stay on track the 4 other days that are left of this week!

mind movement meals - 2-1


My movement last week has been great! I stuck to my running streak clocking up 8 miles last week and feel stronger and fitter. My legs and bum feel more toned too – which is always a bonus! However my running streak came to an end yesterday as I ended up with an injured toe after a drunken night out on Saturday. I thought at the age of 26 my “waking up with mysterious injuries and a hangover” days were over but it appears not! I did worry that it was broken so decided to not run on it last night when I returned from London, so ended my running streak – *sadface. However I awoke this morning and the swelling had gone down and the pain had reduced so I’m going to rest for another couple of days then try a short run on Wednesday.  I was really starting to enjoy running again so am disappointed to take a mini break, but I suppose it’s a positive that I’m looking forward to putting my trainer back on!

What successes or struggles did you have last week? What are your plans for the week ahead?


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