Mind, Meals & Movement | 2

So a week after I made a commitment to myself about putting my health and fitness as a priority again in my life, and how do I feel? It’s not been a strong start but have been are small steps in the right direction.

mind movement meals - 1


I think my willpower has been a hindrance this week. Mainly with my nutrition as my meals haven’t been the greatest and in my mind that’s been ok. However I’m smart enough to know it’s not!

I do feel better though. I feel more in-tune with my body thanks to my running streak and I’m more aware of what unhealthy food does to my body. So here’s hoping that I have more will power this week ahead!


As I said my meals haven’t been fantastic this week. As usual my breakfast have been spot on, my lunches have been 80% clean but my dinners have failed me. I’ve had a few takeaways and had a big blow out on Friday night when I went for dinner and drinks. Dinner and drinks is fine but that should of been my only treat this week. This weekend ahead isn’t going to be very clean as I’m celebrating with friends in London, but I can make sure Monday to Friday are better than they were last week!

mind movement meals - 1-2


Thankfully my movement is what has great this week. I’ve just completed day 9 of my running steak and I’m feeling good about it. Normally I would not have ran tonight as I didn’t return home until 9pm, however as I’m on a streak I landed home, threw my bag to the ground, put on my trainers and headed for a mile run – Which I’m pretty proud of!

I  feel a lot more in tune with my body and can feel my legs and abs betting stronger. I’ve really been concentrating on my breathing while running as I have an awful habit of breathing through my mouth which leaves me out of breath quicker than I should be. So it’s been slow and steady so I can master breathing correctly and to ensure I don’t exert myself too soon. I also downloaded the Strava app for my runs which I like – I love the social aspect to it compared to the Nike app.

I’m yet to start back with Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide as didn’t want to push my body too much too soon. But aim to start back this week ahead.

How have your week been? What goals are you setting yourself this week?


I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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