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Welcome to my Sunday summary reinvented. I’ve decided to incorporate a Sunday summary on my blog again to help keep myself accountable and also to share what I’ve been up to over the week.


This week I made a recommitment to myself to get back on track. I haven’t had my health and fitness as a priority in my life and it’s probably due to the uncertainty I’ve been living through – which thankfully is coming to an end. As much as I enjoy be spontaneous, I like to live my day-to-day life knowing what’s going to happen next week or next month, so when that’s uncertain my mind isn’t where it should be. I’ve challenged myself to work hard and make my health and fitness a priority over the next 100 days – this 100 days brings to nicely to the deadline of my Paris trip.

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This week has been very hit and miss for me. I had made a lame attempt at starting Whole 30 again, however this didn’t happen. My breakfast and lunches have been fine, dinners not so much and there was the odd trip to the vending machine at work.. whoops! Saturday and Sunday have been a lot better. I keep toying with the idea of doing Whole 30 again, however I find that I hate on myself if I slip up. So I’ve decided to eat Whole 30 90% of the time and if I want a glass of wine, or Nutella with my strawberries then I will. I will just try and make my treats “healthy treats”.

blog-meals movement and mind - 2


Honestly – I hadn’t workout for nearly two week up until this weekend! But after making a recommitment to myself I have decided to start a running streak. I’ve not decided how long I’m going to do it, I’m just going to see how long I can keep it up. I think for me it’s a great way to get myself loving running again as I did very much enjoy the running streak I did in December. I’m also starting back at week 3 of Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Regime.

How did your week go? What are your goals for next week – I’d love to know!


I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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