Are We All Too Stressed? My Top Tips

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I believe that a small amount of internal pressure is what makes the world go around. Pressure is what pushes people to go further, try harder and be better than they have been before. However stress is something I think we put up with. Stress has become something that is very much the norm in today’s society. Neom recently found out in their National Lifestyle Stress Audit that 9 out of 10 UK women are stressed… now that is a lot! In fact 91% of working women say they are stressed and 86% of non-working women are stressed.

My stress levels go up and down depending on work projects, deadlines and family life. However I don’t believe in there being a taboo around stress… if I’m stressed I will acknowledge it and make efforts to reduce it. Personally, a few small steps can really help me reassess situations, take a step make and pause.


The first thing I do is acknowledge that I am stressed, I don’t try to bury it and plough through it as I believe it is more detrimental to my mental health… having a breakdown at the age of 30 is not something I’m aiming for!

Grab a cup of tea

A cup of tea fixes a lot of things and sometimes it really does help. If you’re in the office it gives you the opportunity to take a step away from your desk and emails. Do a tea round and give yourself 5 minutes alone in the kitchen while the kettle is boiling.

Write it out

My boss has always said that when we’re angry, stressed or annoyed by a situation we should never reply to emails in haste. We should write them out then come back to them 15 minutes later. After 15 minutes the steam will have come out of your ear and the fog cleared from your head, meaning you’re able to respond to emails in a much more professional way. Writing things out helps me personally too. If I’m feeling stressed or upset by a situation I write a blog post. I would never in a millions year publish it as it’s usually my deepest most honest thoughts but it really does help to get things off my chest and out of my head.

De-stress On The Go

Surrounding myself with calming scents really helps restore peace. Obviously we all know the wonders a bath does for the soul. However I believe scents should be with us at all times. I’ve been carrying Neom De-Stress On The Go Mist* with me in my handbag. Whenever I feel stressed or anxious a quick squirt of this on my wrist when I can sneak a smell really helps. It worked especially well when I went for a job interview the other month!

Take 10 minutes

Yoga and meditation aren’t everyone cup of tea, but believe me when I say there is no better high than the one after a great yoga session. Relaxing, concentrating on your breathing and stretching does wonders for your fitness but also your brain! If I have an especially tough day I lock myself in the office at home and either do one of Yoga with Adriene sequences or just sit and concentrate on my breathing for 5-10 minutes. The headspace ap is a great way to introduce you to this practice of taking 10 minutes. If you struggle to find 10 minutes – set your alarm for 10 minute earlier in the morning… It’s a great way to start the day!

Run it out

One of my favourite running quotes is – “I run because punching people is frowned upon” as it fits me to a tee! Running is a fantastic way to get out of your head and exhaust yourself. Running it out gives you time to yourself and your thoughts. When I come back from a run I’m always a lot calmer.

Would you class yourself as one of the 91% of stressed women? How do you battle your stress?

I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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