Refreshing Green Teas for Summer Time

twinings flavoured green tea reviews3

Tea and summer aren’t necessarily two things that people put together. However just because the weather is warm it doesn’t mean I sacrifice my cups of tea! However I don’t enjoy the typical builders brew when it’s warm outside, not even a cup of standard green tea so I’ve been searching for some more refreshing alternatives.

Thankfully the tea market is a huge booming business at the moment and smaller individual companies are creating unique and interesting teas that make your traditional builders brew look very boring! Below are two of my favourite discoveries at the moment.

tplus wellness teas reviewtplus wellness teas review (3)

tplus Wellness Teas

First up is a lovely little independent British brand who are creating some fantastic teas filled with goodness. I love my green tea, however I much prefer it when it’s blended with other flavours which is one of the reasons I’m really enjoying tplus Wellness Teas*. tplus have the same feelings about tea that I do – that despite green tea being filled with goodness it’s still an acquired taste and tasty fruit teas just aren’t filled with the goodness I crave. So they have worked hard to create a blend that incorporates the good in both green and fruit teas and boy have they hit the mark! Even my boyfriend who doesn’t enjoy fruit teas can’t get enough of the Raspberry & Pomegranate Green Tea with Vitamins.

Each of the tplus teas has a different benefit; t+immunity, t+detox, t+boost and t+multi vitamin… all packed full of flavour and goodness they will be a firm favourite on my tea shelf from now on!

Hampstead Tea ReviewHampstead Tea Review (2)

Hampstead Tea London

Next up is one of my new favourite after-workout-drinks… Hampstead Tea Iced Tea*. These are a super tasty and incredibly refreshing ice tea. My current favourite is the Organic Green Tea with Raspberry – I even sometimes place it in the freezer so it turns into a slush; making it even more refreshing after a tough workout! The raspberry flavouring ensure there is no bitter green tea taste.. which I can’t stand!

The range of teas are all packed full of antioxidants so your body is happy with them along with you taste buds! The one downside for me is that they aren’t sugar free so I can’t enjoy them while on Whole30, however they only have a small amount or organic sugar in them and a lot less that iced teas you can buy from Starbucks etc.

Have you tried either of the two fab tea brands above? What are your thoughts on green teas? Do you love the flavour or prefer to mask it like I do?


  1. Sofia

    I liked your blog but recently you seem to only be doing sponsored posts which is a bit disappointing, would love to see some of your old content back!


    1. OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

      Hi Sofia, sorry to hear you’ve not been enjoying my blog recently. I only ever do a max of one sponsored post a month but would love to know which kind of posts you would like to see. I am looking to shake things up abit on my blog in the next few months. Tweet or DM me at @beauthealthblog. Thanks 🙂


      1. Sofia

        I’ve recently been noticing that every post you do has an * by a product which suggests that you have been sent it, I believe? To me, this makes the blog feel less genuine. I used to enjoy posts about your lifestyle or your experiences with diet/exercises 🙂


      2. OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

        Hi Sofia, I’m sorry to hear you feel my blog isn’t genuine, but I can assure you it is. I get sent countless products which are never feature on my blog because I didn’t enjoy them. I only ever feature products I love and use regularly myself. I admit I haven’t been sharing personal posts over the past month but I’ve explained why that is in my two more personal updates over the weekend. I hope you understand.


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