Stylfile Infuse Moisturising Nail File | Review

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I love painting my nails. Whether it’s neutral, bright or patterned. However I am guilty of not looking after the prep of my nails too much. I find that a healthy diet does help a lot with the health of my nails however at times the end of my nails become weak and split. So I read up on blogs about nail care and invested in a great base coat and the Stylfile Infuse Moisturising Nail File*.

Curved Nail File

The Stylfile Infuse Moisturising Nail File has the trademarked curved style that helps create a fantastic shape to the nail without any effort. There are two sides to the nail file, a course one for shaping and a smoother side to finish the nails.

Almond Cuticle Oil

The revolutionary addition to this Stylfile nail file is the built-in cuticle oil. Which is fantastic at ensuring you moisturise your nails regularly. The almond cuticle oil did a great job at hydrating and strengthening my nails – it’s definitely helped improve the condition of my nails. The downside of the cuticle oil is that from time to time it does seep out, so it’s much safer to keep the nail file at home rather than your handbag.

My Opinion

My new nail routine includes shaping and buffing the nails with this nail file, then using the built-in cuticle oil to replenish my nails as I’ve learnt that the dust from filing your nails dries out your cuticles. I then apply a strengthening base coat before painting my nails. This combination has really helped the condition of my nails. I think this nail file is a fantastic product and definitely worth the little investment as the built-in oil is kind of a two in one product. Plus the nail file comes with two nail file attachments meaning the Stlyfile can treat your nails for 6 months – that’s a lot of nail painting!

Have you ever tried any Stylfile nail files? What did you think of the curved design?


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