Chill Factor Drinks Bottle | Review

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Nothing beats glugging on cool fresh water after a workout. However water in your water bottle is cool when you start your workout, but an hour later the refreshing chill has disappeared and you’re left with room temperature water which doesn’t quite have the same refreshing qualities. Well that was until Chill Factor revolutionised the water bottle with the introduction of the Chill Your Drink In Seconds Drink Bottle!

Colour-Changing Bottle

I’ve been using my Chill Factor Drinks Bottle* after my workouts for the last couple of weeks and am impressed! Even after an hour is a warm room the water temperature stays cold – making water breaks much more refreshing! The bottles even changes colour to let you know how cool the water is and when you need to re-chill the bottle.

How it works

So far I’ve just tried water in the Chill Factor Drink Bottle however it can be filled with many drinks, such as isotonic drinks and squash.

It works by having essentially a mini freezer bag in the bottle that encircles the liquid. You pop this freezer unit for a 4-6 hours (overnight is easier to do) then pop in the bottle, then fill the bottle with your drink of choice. Once filled squeeze the bottle for upto 15 minutes and it turns your tap water into amazingly cold water.

The bottle isn’t the most compact I’ve ever had, but would fit happily in gym bags – not so sure on handbags! For me it’s the perfect water bottle for gym classes, after runs and bootcamp classes. I’ve even had it for car journeys as it stays cool even in a warm car. The lid even has two opens so depending on how thirsty you are you can pour the drink out or sip it through the straw. One thing I’ve noticed is that you have to ensure everything is put together properly as if not you’re at risk of a little leakage.

The Chill Factor Bottle can be bought online here – and even comes in a very cute pink! I’m eyeing up their slushy makers and frozen yoghurt makers!

Have you heard of the Chill Factor Drinks Bottle before? Do you like the sound of a water bottle that keeps your water cool?


  1. Ale

    What a nice looking bottle. I like the idea to keep my drinks chilled. I’m just planning to go back to the gym after a pregnancy and I need to invest in some new gear. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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