May Beauty, The Incredible Face Mask Review

I think every girl enjoys a facemask, I even know men that enjoy a great facemask. They feel of peeling off or washing off your mask and unearthing beautiful soft, clean skin is amazing. I always feel like a new women.

I’ve used many facemasks from many brands but have recently been using May Beauty The Incredible Face Mask*. I’ve seen reviews on Youtube and read a few blogs about how this powerful facemask really cleans deep down. Since eating a Whole 30 diet my blemishes have cleared up a lot however I still suffer form blackhead so I was interested in giving The Incredible Facemask a go to see if it could help.

May Beauty The Incredible Facemask Review (2)May Beauty The Incredible Facemask Review (3)

I opened up The Incredible Facemask sachet up to discover that the mixture is incredible thick and sticky – it in fact reminded me of tar. The mask thankfully came with a brush so you can apply it without ended up a sticky mess. There is plenty of facemask in each sachet and enough to apply it thickly – which you have to do to be able to to peel it off.

When applying you have to be careful to not apply it to your eyebrows as it will remove hair from your face – the mask is that powerful!

The main ingredient to the mask is deep sea mud and after reading the ingredients it’s good to see there isn’t many others included – plus the mask isn’t tested on animals!

I let the facemask dry for the entire 45 minutes. It wasn’t uncomfortable when drying, there was a little tingling when first applying it. After the 45 minutes I was ready to unearth the results!

May Beauty The Incredible Facemask Review (5) May Beauty The Incredible Facemask Review (4)

I had to wiggle around my face to loosen the mask from my skin as it dried very tightly. I started peeling it from my chin and my god did it dry close to the skin. In certain areas it was a little painful to peel especially on the side of my face where everyone has fine hairs. The mask pulled a few of these out along with all my dead skin cells and some black heads. You can see above what the mask pulled out of my pore on my first application.

The incredible Facemask for me is a hybrid between a deep cleaning clay mask and pore strips for blackheads as the mask left my skin clean, fresh and incredibly soft!

I can’t wait to use the rest of my sachets to see if it can completely eradicate my blackhead as after just one application I was very impressed to see them reduce in size and number.

May Beauty are also offering 30% off for a limited time only! To receive 30% off all Face Mask Packages use the coupon code outsidefacemask30 or simply click here.

Have you ever heard or tried May Beauty The Incredible Facemask? What do you think of my results?


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