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 BUPA Feel Great Britain

Happiness seem like quite a simple thing, yet man struggle to feel happiness everyday. Happiness also means different things to different things which is sometimes why it’s hard to find. In fact Bupa have found out that only one in eight of us has a feel great moment once a month and stress is one of the biggest reasons we don’t feel great! So they have made it their mission to help us find happiness in everyday and celebrate all the little things that make us feel great!

They kicked off their mission with the Bupa Westminster Mile last Sunday and are hosting are number of activities and initiatives over the summer to help create feel great moments, from night runs, outdoor swims and events in some of Britain’s most beautiful forests (Visit Bupa.co.uk/feel-great-britain for all the events).

Bupa kindly sent me the above parcel filled seven days of goodies which share some of Britain’s favourite “Feel Great” moments. So let’s see what Feel Great moments we all have…

BUPA Feel Great Britain day 1

Day 1 was Britain’s top “Feel Great” moment – fresh clean bed sheets! 62% of us rate this as our top feel great moment and I have to agree with this one… getting into a freshly made bed is one of my favourite feelings, so the Fresh Linen Spray is now a great way to replicate this!

BUPA Feel Great Britain day 2

Day 2 was one of the most unusual “Feel Great” moments – the “pop” when opening a new jar. Apparently 9% of those surveyed enjoy this … I much prefer the pop of a champagne bottle! However I am guilty in enjoying popping bubble wrap like 20% of those surveyed.

 BUPA Feel Great Britain day 3

Day 3’s gift was the smell of freshly cut grass. I know many people who love this as it symbolises the beginning of summer. However as a huge hayfever sufferer it’s not one of my “Feel Great” moments. Is it one of yours?

BUPA Feel Great Britain day 4

Day 4 was another peculiar one – putting on new socks. I’ve never really thought of this as a real great moment however when I do think of it, it is a great feeling!

BUPA Feel Great Britain day 5

Day 5 was probably one of my favourite… taking that first bite of chocolate! For me it’s one of my favourite “Feel Great” moments, especially when cuddled up with a book on the sofa.

BUPA Feel Great Britain day 6

Day 6 Feel Great moment is another I agree very strongly with – exercise! As much as I sometimes don’t want to work out I always feel a million time better after working out! It’s a well known fact that exercise releasesrelases loads of those happy hormones and is known to help people who battle with depression and anxiety.

BUPA Feel Great Britain day 7BUPA Feel Great Britain day 7 (2)

Day 7 is a lovely “Feel Great” moment – the happiness we feel when we do a random act of kindness – it’s actually one of our top 3 moment of happiness. So Bupa were very kind to gift me this wonderful book! I love a great health food book.

The full list of things that make Great Britons feel great is:

1.         Sleeping in a freshly made bed

2.         Feeling the sun on your face

3.         People saying ‘thank you’ or a random act of kindness from a stranger

4.         Finding money in unexpected places

5.         Having time to myself

6.         Laughing so hard it hurts

7.         Snuggling on the sofa with a loved one

8.         Freshly made bread

9.         Doing something for others

10.       The clean feeling after a shower

11.       When your favourite song comes on the radio

12.       Finding a bargain in the sales

13.       Listening to the rainfall/thunderstorms when you’re inside

14.       Freshly brewed tea / coffee

15.       The thrill of personal achievement

16.       Having a long hot bath

17.       Seeing a fresh coating of snow

18.       Freshly cut grass

19.       Chocolate melting in your mouth

20.       Doing something active outdoors (e.g. bike ride, run, country walk)

21.       Bacon cooking in the morning

22.       Talking to or playing with your pet

23.       A soothing massage

24.       That ‘Friday feeling’

25.       A perfectly cooked steak

26.       Waking up before the alarm and realising there’s more time to sleep

27.       Doing exercise

28.       Rainbows

29.       Remembering the name of something/someone you thought you’d forgotten

30.       Making a perfectly baked cake/pie

31.       Stepping on crunchy autumn leaves

32.       Popping bubble wrap

33.       Swimming in the sea / lake

34.       New car smell

35.       Dancing like no one is watching

36.       The smell of new books/magazines

37.       Smell of a fine wine

38.       Putting your Out of Office on before going on holiday

39.       Putting on a brand new pair of socks

40.       Watching your breath float away in cold air

41.       Getting new stationary

42.       Singing in the shower

43.       Getting a seat on the bus / train / tube

44.       Picking an easy peel orange from the fruit bowl

45.       Loosening your jeans after you’ve eaten

46.       The ‘pop’ when you open a new jar of jam

47.       Squeezing a spot

48.       Cleaning the wax from your ears

49.       Cleaning the bathroom

50.       The Royal Family

Do you agree with these “Feel Great” moments? Which one is your all time favourite? Is it getting into a freshly made bed?


  1. goodgirlgonebrum

    This is such a heart warming post! And it’s a great idea of Bupa’s to try make more feel good moments, a night time run sounds pretty great to me! The list of things that make us happy made happier just reading it! I would definitely have to agree with singing in the shower! I force myself to have a good sing, even if I’m in a bad mood, and I always come out of the shower feeling better! Emily x

    Liked by 1 person

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