Taking Time To Pause | Spain travel Vlog

a week in spain (7)

I love to travel. To explore. To discover new sights and sounds, get lost in new cities, eat new dishes and experience a new culture. However every once in a while I believe it’s healthy to just pause. To take a side step out of this busy world and just be. I do this in Spain.

a week in  spain a week in spain (5)A week in spain (3) a week in spain (4)a week in spain (6)a week in spain (8)

My boyfriend’s family own an apartment not too far from Torrevieja which is remote enough for it to be peaceful but not too remote so there’s nothing to do. While here I just relax. With no WiFi to stay connected with work and the blogosphere (as I am 99% of my time) I can just press pause. I put on my bikini and open up my kindle and just read. I put all thoughts of work, community management,  blogging deadlines, hundreds of emails, and social media scheduling aside and just pause.

While in Spain we do explore a little, visit new restaurants, take photos and just live, laugh and relax. We take each day as it comes and whether we jump in the car and take a drive to somewhere new or lay by the pool for 7 hours while I read a book we don’t feel time is wasted as we enjoy every minute.

I always return from our little escape in Spain refreshed and ready to tackle the world again but with a smug little smile on my face after indulging in a little me time.

This time I took some time to record my first travel vlog, which you can see below. Please give it a watch, and let me know what you think.

Do you take time to pause from life? Where do you indulge in some quality me time?

I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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