Spring Snacking | Healthy Snack Bars

Spring snacking healthy snack bars

There are so many different theories about snacking. Three meals a day, five meals a day, three meals with two snacks…. it really is a minefield. But I think we can all agree that smart, sensible and healthy snacking isn’t bad for you.

I now aim to eat three large meals a day as this helps stop me from endless grazing throughout the day. However there are some days when I am peckish mid morning or mid afternoon – this is when I’ll reach for a snack. I always aim to carry healthy snack bars with me so I don’t end up buying a bag of crisps or chocolate bar. Recently I’ve been carrying around one of the three below!

Spring snacking healthy snack bars (4)

Nakd Crunch Bars*

Nakd Bars are one of my all time favourite. In fact I adore man of the Natural Balance Foods products. Nakd Bars are totally sin free; made from  dates, nuts, fruit and soya crunchies. Plus Nakd Protein Crunch Bars are packed full of protein are vegan friendly and are a super tasty way to enjoy iron rich foods. Don’t be wary of them if you’re not a fan of dates as I always avoid dates but love Nakd bars – there texture is great and they are full of flavour.

Spring snacking healthy snack bars (3)

Nature Valley Protein Bars*

New to the market, these snack bars are similar to the traditional Nature Valley Bars in that they are crunchy, sweet and filling. The difference with the Nature Valley Protein Bars is that they are crammed with 8g of protein. They are made of natural seeds, nuts and whole grain nuts which make them very filling. They contain 140 calories and some sugar (like many snack bar), however there is 30% less sugar in them compared to other snack bars on the market. I LOVE the Peanut and Chocolate Bar and find it a great snack to enjoy mid-afternoon before my evening workout.

Spring snacking healthy snack bars (2)

Nature’s Plus KETOslim bars*

I think the KETOslim Bars have been designed as a meal replacement bar, however you’ll won’t find me skipping meals and replacing fresh food with bars and shakes. However I do enjoy these bars as a snack. They are packed full of nutrients, including key vitamins and minerals – these bars cram in the goodness of more than 45 fruits, vegetables and nutrient-rich green foods. Filling  and tasty, they’re definitely worth a try especially if you’re diabetic.

Have you tried any of the bars above? Which other healthy snacks do you recommend?


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