Exploring Europe with the help of others

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Four years ago I spent the summer travelling parts of Europe with just a small backpack on my back. It was one of the best summers I’ve ever spent. Matt and I simply chose to jump on and off the cheapest flight to the next city or country. However there are many more wonderful ways to discover from InterRailing to river cruise holidays that I would never say no to.

Back then I didn’t know the world of blogging existed, so if I was to travel Europe now I think my experience would be different somewhat as I would research a lot more before setting off. As much as I love to just land somewhere and make it up as I go along I also love to find out before hand the best places to eat, drink, explore and party. It’s not just bloggers who share the best tips, businesses offer great insights and can tell you things like the best Unique Cafes in Europe –(hello Cat Cafe!) , where to buy tickets for attractions and tipping etiquette in countries – (knowing this can save some embarrassing incidents that I’ve had in the past!). Researching where you are travelling to is not just about making the most of your trip it can also keep you safe. It’s estimated that almost a third of British people who travel abroad independently are likely to face a major problem when they are away.

However the risks associated with travelling are minor compared to the experiences you gain and memories you make. I have many more areas of the world that I want to explore. I think my next big trip will be Asia and I know this time I will be reading blogs and taking advice from companies on where to stay, the best modes of transport, how to stay safe, where to eat and where to get the best photo opportunities!

Have you ever been travelling before? Do you read travel blogs as inspiration and guidance?

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