Limited Edition Gold NutriBullet | Review

Apparently it’s Ideal World’s birthday this week. However I feel like it is mine after this gorgeous Gold NutriBullet* was delivered to my doorstep.

To celebrate their 15th birthday Ideal World have released 2 new fabulous colours to their notorious NutriBullet collection – the gold and purple.

Nutribullet Limted Edition Gold Review (2)

What is NutriBullet?

For those who are unaware of NutriBullet (where have you been hiding?) NutriBullet is a food processor unlike any others. It’s neither a blender nor a juicer it’s an extractor. As an extractor it unearths and preserves every single ounce of nutritional benefit from your food.

Extracting not Juicing or Blending

The NutriBullet is so popular because of this unique technique. This is the reason 3000 of them sold in a single day this month! It’s advanced technology completely breaks down fruit and veg into their most nutritious and absorptive state. There isn’t the wastage that you get with juicing which leaves a lot of the goodness trapped in the blades. Juicing also gets rid of all the fibre in fruit and veg so you’re left with a huge sugar hit!

My Review

I haven’t had my Gold NutriBullet for long but the first time I used it I really put it to test! Last weekend my friends and I made a bunch of Strawberry Daiquiris. We threw ice, strawberries and lime juice into the NutriBullet to see if the blades could hack it – and they could! I love how compact the NutriBullet is compared to my juicer; it sits neatly on my breakfast bar and the fact that the cup can be used as a portable container saves on the washing up!  I can’t wait to start whizzing up smoothies in the morning ready for the office! I’ve heard some say that the NutriBullet is pricey however it’s actually cheaper than my juicer at just £89.99 (currently on sale) plus you can now pay in three instalments interest free! Head to Ideal World to find out more.

Do you own a NutriBullet? Are you are obsessed with it as others? What’s your favourite smoothie recipes? – Please let me know in the comments below.


  1. allen

    Can you confirm where you actually bought this as according to High street TV who are sole distributors of nutribullets in the uk no genuine gold nutribullets were ever made limited edition or otherwise . I have checked every possible retailer online including historic adverts and cannot find anyone ever having offered a gold version apart from on ebay which as mentioned according to High street TV are non genuine


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