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Today is definitely a soup day. Yesterday I spent the day in the garden basking in the sun, cooking on a BBQ and mixing up cocktails in my Nutribullet with friends. Today it’s grey, dull and chilly – Spring is very up and down this year!

I headed to my kitchen cupboard to fetch the two Amy’s Kitchen soups* that arrived on my doorstep last week. I love soup! I love to make my own and I love shop bought ones, however since finishing the Whole 30 eating regime I am a lot more aware of the hidden nasties in shop bought food. From pesky sugar to chemicals and dairy.

Organic, Gluten Free & Low Fat

Thankfully Amy’s Kitchen Soups are one of the best tinned soups you can buy. They are organic, gluten free, low-fat and 3 of your 5 a day! Amy’s Kitchen is a family business who have a huge passion for organic food and health care – Amy actually grew up in a home where they have been eating and growing organic food since the 50’s. All the food they make is handmade from natural and organic ingredients.

Chunky Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is definitely one of my favourite flavours – yes I’m that exciting! Even the Heinz Tomato Soup is a guilty pleasure of mine – however it’s filled with sugar, flour, milk and cream – not the healthiest soup to enjoy. Amy’s Kitchen Chunky Tomato Soup on the other hand has less dairy in it and no flour. There is some sugar so it’s not Whole 30 complaint, but it is gluten-free! The soup is deliciously flavourful and the chunkiness of kept me fuller for longer!

Rustic Italian Vegetable Soup

The Vegetable soup is incredible thick! I loved it (once I fished out the pesky mushrooms). For such a hearty soup it is free from a lot of the traditional ingredients large brand use to bulk up their foods. The Vegetable soup is gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, soy free and tree nut free – plus it’s vegan friendly! Despite the soup being incredibly hearty and honest it’s still full of flavour.

I’m very pleased to have been introduced to this brand as their products are a lot healthier than many on the supermarket shelves. So for those times when I can’t be bothered to cook I know I can enjoy a convenient meal that isn’t full of salt, wheat, dairy or sugar.

Amy’s Kitchen products can be found in supermarkets across the UK, plus Whole Foods and Holland & Barrett.

Have you ever tried any Amy’s Kitchen products? Which is your favourite and which would you recommend for others to enjoy?


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