Tone It Up Bikini Series 2015

tone it up bikini series 2015 - 1

Avid Tone It Up fans and followers will already be aware that Bikini Series 2015 starts tomorrow! For those of you who haven’t yet been introduced to the world of Tone It Up, let me explain.

Tone It Up is a blog run by Karena and Katrina, two personal trainers from sunny California. Over the years they have gained a huge following on the internet much like Cassey Ho from Blogilates. They have utilized social media to help girls across the world learn about health, fitness and happiness. Their blog is filled with workouts, workout schedules, recipes and tips. They have a great Youtube channel filled with workouts and vlogs and even sell DVDs and their very popular Nutritional Guide.

Bikini Series 2015

Each year Tone It Up run a Bikini Series regime. This is an 8 week regime filled with workouts, recipes and support, all in the aim to get you healthy and excited about slipping on your bikini come the summer time.

Tone It Up is a great supportive community that really helps get you on track (and keep you on track) throughout Spring.

Best of all the Bikini Series is totally free! They post a weekly schedule on their blog filled with the weeks workouts, they post workouts on their Youtube Channel and share recipes on their blog.

There is the option to purchase their Nutritional Guide which is a little pricey, however it is continually updated. It’s more like a premium membership as you receive new guides every few months and weekly tips by email. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an 8 week meal by meal guide to follow throughout the Bikini Series. I won’t be following it fully as plan to start back with Whole 30, but it’s a great guide for healthy eating.

Weekly Schedule

The first weeks schedule is now live on their blog and I’m looking forward to following it. It’s filled with two workouts a day – but they are both short and sweet. I will be following it loosely as plan on continuing with the 30 Day Shred for the next 25 days, but will follow the PM workout each day.

Each day usually is a cardio workout to get the blood pumping and metabolism rising in the morning and a toning exercise in the evening.

I would love to know if you fancy giving the 8 week Bikini Series Program below – is so comment below. Have you ever followed Tone It Up in the past?


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