Fitness Friday | Work Out While The Kettle Boils

fitness friday tone up while the kettle boils

We all live busy lives – there’s no denying that. Working hard, partying hard, eating well, seeing friends etc. etc. – so when it comes to exercise some days there just doesn’t seem the time! However there is always time for fitness, be it a short quick 10 minute run in the morning, talking a walk on your lunch break, doing squats while brushing your teeth or even a few quick moves while the kettle boils!

Decathlon recently challenged fitness guru Julia Buckley to create a short but effective at-home workout that can be completed without any equipment.

I know I struggle to fit a workout in some days – with a busy full-time job, blogging and living life – sometimes a quick circuit is best for me. So I greatly welcomed the below workout!

fitness friday tone up while to kettle boils - ski-abs (1)-horzfitness friday tone up while to kettle boils - hindu-push-up-horz

This circuit consists of 9 moves, to be completed for 40 seconds with 20 second rest between them. So the whole circuit lasts for 9 minutes with just 6 minutes of actually working out! Perfect!

The 9 moves are –

– Ski Abs

– Lunge Kicks

– Thai Plank

– Back Raises

– Burpess

– Ab Tucks

– Hindu Push Ups

– Russian Twists

Above are some illustrations on the more complicated moves, but if you need an idea on the rest head to “Easy Exercises To Get You Fit At Home” for more details.

What tricks do you have to sneak fitness into a busy day? Which of the moves above do you love? And which do you dislike?

Image – Source


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