Whole 30 Review // Days 21-30

Whole 30 day 21-30

Well I’m pleased to say that I completed Whole 30! It was tough, it wasn’t a perfect run but I did it and would do it again!

I finished my Whole 30 last week while away at one of our hotels at work. You can read about my experience with days 1-10 and days 11-20 on previous blog posts.

Days 21-30

Days 21-30 were quite difficult for me. I’ve read other people’s accounts who sailed through the last 10 days, but I had quite a few obstacles and was desperate for day 30 to come.

Day 21 was especially tough for me as I hadn’t prepped my meals so headed out for lunch thinking that Marks and Spencers would have a range of salads I could choose from. Boy was I wrong! I picked up each salad and looked through the ingredients to find that each one had some kind of grains, cream, dairy or even sugar in it! I ended up paying £5 for a portion of prawns and some fruit. After the huge let down by Marks and Spencer I headed to Tesco to do my weekly shop and was tempted by everything on the shelves! I was so close to grabbing a pack of cookies from the shelf and stuffing them all in my mouth! However I battled through it to go home and enjoy homemade burgers with sweet potato fries. As usual I posted my daily meals on Instagram and my round up of the day to then receive a very negative comment, telling me that “You must be doing something wrong if you’re stilling getting cravings. You’re doing Whole 30 wrong.” – not really the comment I needed at one of my lowest hours!

I posted the above “Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to, it’s not for them.” As it sums up my journey completely. I decided to take on Whole 30 as I needed to battle my cravings and food demons and thankfully it has helped me a lot with controlling my emotional eating. I now know I have the will power to not give in to my cravings and know that by keeping away from processed foods make me feel a million times better.


So what results did I see over the 30 days? Physically I lost 11 pounds in 30 days, plus 2 inches around my waist, 2 from my bum and 1 from my hips.

My None Scale Victories were countless!

– Skin cleared up – No breakouts, more radiance and less blackheads

– Countless bags of energy – no more mid afternoon slump

– Clothes fitting better

– Nails are stronger and less brittle

– Will-power is a million times better than before

– I actually now crave healthy, crisp and tasty foods when I don’t have them

– I’m looking forward to starting my next Whole 30 very soon!

Life After Whole 30

I’ve been “off” Whole 30 for about a week now and my body can definitely tell the difference. The first time I had a none compliant meal which included chips and onion rings my stomach was not happy! The introduction of unhealthy fats and sugar back into my diet has shocked my system some what which is obviously why there is a “Reintroduction” stage which didn’t do – next time I will be!

I am planning on eating Whole 30 complaint over the next few weeks until Easter Sunday when I’ll be enjoying some chocolate eggs! After Easter I am going straight back onto Whole 30 in the run up to my birthday.

Overall it’s a fantastic regime to try. Yes it is strict but it has done my body and mind a load of good! I have been, and do recommend it to everyone. It definitely teaches yourself a lot about your lifestyle, cravings and nutrition.

Have you ever tried Whole 30? Is it something you would try?


I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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