Whole 30 Review // Days 11- 20

whole 30 day 11-20

I’m writing this sitting on day 24 of my Whole 30 programme and can tell you that the past 20 days have been filled with ups and downs – but every battle has these!

For those who haven’t read my previous blog post (you can catch up here) I am currently following the Whole 30 programme which is a clean eating/ paleo style eating programme which aims to “re-set” your body so it is functionally properly and battles against the negative effect processed foods have on our bodies.

whole 30 days 11-13

Days 11 – 13 were the weekend. So on the Friday night we “treated” ourselves to a healthy curry. I made cauliflower rice and skipped the cream in the curry. It was nice to enjoy one of our usual treats together but stay compliant to Whole 30 and not feel bloated and lethargic after an intake of carbs and cream!

On the Saturday Matt’s parents visited us so we treated them to dinner at a local pub that we discovered – The Yew Tree Inn. The menu was gorgeous! Filled with a wonderful range of dishes – however many weren’t Whole 30 compliant. So I ended up with the Duck – which was beautiful but as I’m intolerant it didn’t agree with me the next day.

whole 30 days 14 -17

I’m finding sticking to healthy, clean eating easier during the week now. I used to dread my evening meal if it wasn’t a meal out at a restaurant or a takeaway – for me they were the only exciting meals to eat. But now my taste buds have changed and my diet is changing I’m actually enjoying home-cooking.

On the Monday we were late home so stopped at Nandos which I didn’t enjoy as much as usual as I knew I could cook what I was eating at home – chicken and potatoes. Plus I missed me haloumi! However Matt enjoyed his chips and garlic bread. Tuesday we made Nom Nom Paleo’s Spicy Tuna Fishcakes. Thursday was my best meal yet that I was very happy I made. Chilli and Garlic Prawns on a Rocket Salad – it was very tasty! Thursday, Matt worked late so it was a quick and easy dinner of Spanish Omelette, Cabbage and Bacon.

On days 14 – 17 I felt very strong. I had made it to half way and could see the finish line! There were no cravings and I really enjoyed each healthy meal I enjoyed.

whole 30 day 18-20

Days 18 to days 20 were spent back at my mums house so had to explain to my family my new eating plan and why I was doing it. Friday night I ended up skipping the pasta and bread that everyone else enjoyed while I had roasted veg with my bolognaise. On the Saturday I took my mum out for lunch at a new eatery in town and kept to the eating plan and in the evening my mum and I enjoy large tuna salads. On Sunday we enjoyed healthy fajitas – yeah they skip the best bits – cheese and sourcream but they taste just as good!

Overall the last 10 days have been pretty strong. I overcame a lot of obstacles such as meals out and outside catering for meetings, but I passed through them fine. I’m starting to get very tired of guacamole and eggs, so will be taking a break from them and making sure my meals for the last 10 days a new and exciting to keep me on track!

Have you heard of Whole 30? Or given it a go in the past?


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