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We all love sleep – I don’t think there isn’t a person who doesn’t! But we all have our own preferences of how long to sleep, how to drift off to sleep and how to relax.

I aim to get 7 1/2 – 8 hours sleep a night and although I understand the “experts” tips on how to relax before bed I am the girl who logs off my laptop/ computer to then go to bed and scroll through my social media feeds before going to sleep – not the best way to relax!  So when Pukka Herbs* challenged me to their #SleepWithPukka challenge I jumped at the chance.Sleep with Pukka Herbs (3)Sleep with Pukka Herbs (5)Sleep with Pukka Herbs (6)

Pukka Herbs delivered a wonderful hamper filled with lots of  goodies in it all of which will help me increase the quality of my sleep. Included in the package was Pukka Night Time Tea, Pukka Night Time Capsule, a lavender plant and an Introduction to Meditation CD.

For the past few weeks I have altered my night time regime to incorporate Pukka Herbs and their top tips for a good nights sleep. A typical night now includes a mug of Pukka Night Time Tea, followed by two capsules of Pukka Night Time Supplements. I then do 10 minutes of yoga/ meditation in my spare room before getting in to bed. Once in bed I’ve swapped my phone for a book and read for half an hour before switching everything off and going to sleep.

The question is… has this helped my quality of sleep. I always sleep with the Sleep Cycle app running so it gives me a good way to track the quality of my sleep and see if any changes to my routine effect my sleep.

Looking at my sleep Cycle App I can see that since I started the #SleepWithPukka Challenge my quality of sleep has improved. The biggest improvement for me is that I fall asleep sooner, it now takes me only 10-15 minutes to drift off whereas before this regime I was taking at least half an hour to doze off. I suppose it makes a lot of sense as I am now taking a bit of “me” time before bed to relax, rather than start my relaxing when I shut my eyes to go to sleep.

Other tips that Pukka gave to help get a good nights sleep were-

Eat Well – make sure you have eaten properly during the day so your don’t go to sleep hungry or too full.

Drink Well – Alcohol is renowned for disturbing sleep so try swapping the night cap with a mug of Night Time tea.

Massage Well – This is one I would love to do more often! Everyone stores tension in their muscles so having a regular massage is no just a luxury it’s a great way to stay healthy! You don’t need to tell me twice! Try a foot massage before bed.

Play Well – Make sure you are having fun! All work and no play make little bears grumpy!

I know I’ll definitely be keeping up the cups of Pukka Night Time Tea before bed, along with putting my phone down, practicing some yoga and reading instead.

Have you ever tried a Night Time Tea to help you drift off? What is your bed time regime like? Healthy and relaxing, or something you think you could work on?


  1. Becci

    Great post Cat! My sleeping habits are so bad – I’m the same as you with my phone, I just can’t seem to put it down. I’m going to try to leave it for half an hour before bed and try the tea too to see if it makes any improvement! x x x


  2. lennae87

    I’m so glad I saw this post! I have a lot of trouble with getting to sleep. I may need to invest in pukka sleep, thanks for sharing.

    Lennae xxx


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