Fitness Clothing Picks | February

febuary fitness clothing

1 – Grey and Yellow Leggings // 2 –  Get Up Tank  // 3 – Grey Warrior Leggings // 4 – Grey Jacket  // 5 – Tee //  // 6 – Star Sweatshirt // 7 – Blue Feather Leggings // 8 – Wrapped Up Tights //9 – Woke Up Tank

It’s that time of year where you don’t really know what the weather is going to do. I sit here writing this and it’s snowing while just the other day it was 10C outside! This always makes working out outside at this time of year very difficult. You can head out for a run in leggings, thermals and a jacket one day then the next be running in a t-shirt – yes I’ve seen people running outside in t-shirts already!

As I’m saving money this year I haven’t indulged in any fitness clothing purchases in a while but I always love to window shop. This month I think my picks reflect the current weather rather well – grey with tiny hints of yellow sun. As much as I never like to wish away time, I am looking forward to enjoying sunny spring days in my garden.

How do you prepare for the ever changing weather? Anything above catch your eye?


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