Sunday Summary // 7

sunday summary week 7

Well this week has been a tough one, but thankfully because I stuck to healthy eating and not because I succumbed to my cravings. This week I embarked on a Whole 30 eating plan which is a version of Paleo that kick starts your body to rid of cravings and habits, restore a healthy metabolism and balance the immune system.

I planned to start on Monday but as you can see ended up eating pizza for dinner. So I started on Tuesday, since then I’ve not eaten any artificial sugar, alcohol, grains, dairy or legumes – I had a few legumes on Saturday night with the peas as forgot they were a legume! It’s not been easy as I’ve had huge cravings but am pleased I haven’t broken the plan yet. I will be doing a ten day write-up this up coming week which will share more details of my experience.

I haven’t workout this week which is so bad and completely unlike me. My excuse was that the beginning of Whole 30 has zapped all energy from me – to the point where I feel quite week come the end of the day. Apparently this is totally normal as the tiredness comes from your body swapping from sugar to fat as it’s energy source.  Thankfully I’m feeling better today so plan to workout from next week.

How has your week been? Have you ever tried Whole 30?


  1. Blondeofcarbs

    Your food always looks yummy and good to see I am not the only one who always manages to have a sin one day a week!! D: I find it hard going to vege/vegan but I am sticking with it and then see if I can help my diet out more, it’s tough! xx


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