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Food intolerance has become an ever popular subject when people start to talk about health and nutrition. Everyone knows someone who is gluten intolerant! But did you know that you can have an intolerance to many different types of food? From cucumber to duck. From peppers to green tea. In fact food intolerance affects an estimated 45% of people!

I’ve always been one of those people who suspects they have an intolerance. I don’t react well to bread and many of my family have a dairy intolerance, so I thought having a Food Intolerance Test would be a good idea to ensure I wasn’t including something in my diet that my body reacted badly to.

I used York Test Laboratories* for my food intolerance test and it couldn’t of been easier. York Test send a pack to your home which includes all the tools you need to take a tiny blood sample and clear step by step instructions.

You are provided with a pricking device to draw blood from your finger and a cotton swab to soak up the blood and send away for testing. The prick on the finger was quick and not very painful. Once you have pricked your finger you apply pressure to it to ensure a good blood flow so that the cotton swab is entirely soaked. Once the swab was soaked and secure in it’s packaging, you simply send the package back to them and they will test your sample.

My results took about 5 days to come back – very quick! And to say I was shocked by the results was an understatement!  York Test Food intolerance Test (5)York Test Food intolerance Test (2)

My results showed that I have an intolerance to 6 different foods and borderline for 3!

I did expect to be intolerant to cows milk, as much of my family are lactose intolerant. And the borderline one for egg whites is the same as my mum. However everything else was a shock!

How can anyone be so intolerant to so much meat! Thankfully I’m not a meat lover and only usually eat chicken and beef – so it looks like I’ll be just eating chicken from now on. And coconut! No more coconut on yoghurt, on pancakes. No more Bountys!

York Test Food intolerance Test (3)York Test Food intolerance Test (4)

York Test Food Intolerance Test include a guidebook and food and drink diary plus a 30 minute telephone consultation with one of their registered Nutritional Therapists to ensure you get the most out of the test and advise you on your diet.

Following the results from my Food Intolerance Test I have been making efforts to cut the food my body can’t digest properly from my diet. It has proven to be a little more difficult than I initially thought. Cows Milk is in everything! I adore my burgers for a treat meal and I ate duck the other day without even thinking about it!

To be honest although I was shocked by the results, it does all make sense now I know of my intolerances. I love to indulge once a week on a treat meal which usually includes a big burger. After my indulgence my belly would be very upset, but I used to think that it was because of the shock to my body after eating healthy for the rest of the week. I used to think it was the carbs and grease that my body reacted to whereas I now know it’s the beef and cheese!

I am planning on eating a very clean diet for the next 30 days and look to cut out all the food I’m intolerant to to see how my body reacts. I really am pleased with the York Test and think it’s a fantastic investment. Yes it’s a little pricey but to know what food your body is intolerant to for the rest for your life is definitely worthwhile!

Have you ever had a Food Intolerance Test? What foods are you intolerant to?


  1. cakevsscales

    I really want to try this, I need to get over my fear of blood tests but I think from your description this would be similar to the kind of blood test Type One Diabetics do, which I know I can handle.
    Coconut surprised me, I would be really shocked and annoyed if that came up for me..
    I’ll pop this on my ‘To do’ list to look into x


  2. Daisy

    This is something I *really* need to do. Over the last few years I’ve been getting reactions on my hands and face to something I was eating. I’ve cut down on dairy and I’m trying to stop eating bread but I still think there is something else. I might have to give this a try!


  3. Jasmin

    This is something I’m very interested in. I had recently found out that I’m gluten intolerant. That was huge problem for me. Not only i have to be on diet for the rest of my life, but I have to prepare meals all by myself. It took a lot of time to find and learn all about gluten free diet, but now I got used to. I even like the taste.


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