Hale Country Club | Spa Day with Holland & Barrett

Hale Country Club Holland and Barret Spa Day (11)

Spending the day in a Spa has to be as close to heaven as you can get. My mum and I always joke that if we were to become super rich we’d be ladies of leisure who spend the week at the Spa, so when I was invited to Hale Country Club & Spa in celebration of Holland and Barrett’s Weird and Wonderful offerings at  I was jumping for joy!

Hale Country Club Holland and Barret Spa Day (4)Hale Country Club Holland and Barret Spa Day (5)Hale Country Club Holland and Barret Spa Day (6)

I met Rose and Chyaz outside The Midland Hotel at midday and we all hopped into a taxi to arrive at the spa just 30 minutes later. We were greeted at the Spa by the lovely staff, a shot of healthy juice – I think it was berry flavoured – a menu to choose from, forms to fill out for our treatments and glasses of Prosecco.

Hale Country Club Holland and Barret Spa DayHale Country Club Holland and Barret Spa Day (2)Hale Country Club Holland and Barret Spa Day (3)

The lunch menu is tapas style in design, whereby you choose two dishes from the 12-15 that are listed. I (and everyone else) chose the Haloumi Cheese with Spiced Nut Relish and the Crunch Sushi Rolls which consisted of Tempura Flakes, Spicy Mayo, Teriyaki Glaze and Tempura Prawn. Although the two dishes don’t exactly compliment each other they were both divine! The sushi rolls are some of the best I’ve tasted.

After a lot of chatting and eating we finished off our lunch by sharing two desserts; the Chocolate and Macadamia Brownie and the Smores Board which we all had lots of fun with!

After finishing our meal we said our goodbyes to the bloggers who had spent the morning there and headed down to the fanciest changing rooms I’ve ever been in! The whole of Hale Country Club is stylish yet relaxing and it’s the small details, such as the super swanky changing rooms that make the difference. Once dressed in our swimming costumes, robes and flip flops we headed back to the spa and to our individual treatment rooms.

Hale Country Club Holland and Barret Spa Day (8)Hale Country Club Holland and Barret Spa Day (9)

Our Spa day included a Deep Cleansing Back treatment and Personalised Facial. My therapist first asked me to take a seat and placed my feet in the foot spa while we talked about my needed and hopes for my treatment. I said that I wanted to leave today feeling relaxed and refreshed. Based on my requests we did a sensory test which discovered the oil I preferred and the one to be used during my treatments.

I first received the Deep Cleansing Back Treatment which consisted of a cleanse, exfoliation, brush, deep tissue massage and deep cleansing mask. The massage was one of the best I’ve ever had. The lovely therapist asked me which pressure I preferred, which areas I had tension and spent a good amount of time working out the knots in my shoulders – which was exactly what I needed. While the deep cleansing mask worked it’s magic the therapist massaged my legs and feet.

Once my back was treated it was time for the facial which again was personalised to meet my needs, which was blemishes and dullness –pesky winter weather play havoc with my skin! There was a cleanse, exfoliation and massage and a scalp massage that was so blissful I almost fell asleep!

The whole treatment lasted for around 2 hours – I’m not sure exactly the time as I was so chilled! After the treatments I was left to relax for 5 minutes while the lovely therapist brought a refreshing mango sorbet for me to enjoy.

Hale Country Club Holland and Barret Spa Day (12)hale country club holland and barret spa day (16)

After the treatments I headed straight to the infinity outdoor hot tub where Chyaz, Rosie and I relaxed for a good half an hour. I think the outdoor hot tub is one of the major attractions to this Spa due to its size and views. It was fantastic to sit and chat while watching the sun go down. We decided we had to leave the hot tub at some point so headed back inside to try some of the many steam rooms. Our favourite by far was the Fire and Ice room which was a great way to refresh.

hale country club holland and barret spa day 3

After realising our taxi was coming to pick us up in 15 minutes we reluctantly changed out of our snuggly robes and left this little slice of heaven to return back to Manchester. Thankfully our goodie bags from Holland and Barrett were filled with lots of Dr Organic Snail Gel products so we could continue the pampering at home!

I had the most blissful day and would definitely recommend this spa to anyone looking for some serious pampering in Manchester or Cheshire. A big thankyou to Holland and Barrett for the incredible treat!

Have you ever visited Hale Country Club? Which other spas in Manchester and Cheshire would you recommend?

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