Fitness Friday // Kim Kardashian Bum Workout

fitness friday kim kardashain bum workout

I’m so pleased to see that so many of you enjoyed the return of Fitness Fridays. Last weeks video went down very well, so thankyou.

This week is all about the bum! The bum definitely had a moment in 2015 – it was all about big bootys, squats and twerking! No mater what size your bum is its a great area to work on. I know lots of people rely on squats however to really work it you want to do a variety of movement to ensure you work all the muscles in the bum and the top of the legs. Think lunges, squats, leg lifts and bridge poses – many of which you’ll find in the short but effective workout below! The workout is called the Kim Kardashian Bum Workout, however I’m sure the jury is out on whether her bum is 100% natural… either way its a good short workout to do to work that but!

Which moves do you love to do to work your bum muscles? Have you tried the workout above or do you have any other favs on YouTube – if so link them below!


  1. Chrissylilly

    Her but is totally fake (just saying). I am making my but a priority this year, though! For the last months of the year, I focused primarily on running and hitting those goals, completely disregarding toning and lifting. I was looking in the mirror a few weeks ago and noticed how FLAT my but had gotten!! Not good!! Thanks for sharing, will definitely be trying it out this evening!

    Chrissy x


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