Sunday Summary // 2

sundy summary 2

Week one of the health kick has gone OK! I’m pretty happy with my start – I haven’t been 100% clean but I’m making big strides compared to before Christmas!

I’ve managed to battle the little voice in my head that tells me to head down the crisp aisle when I’m supposed to be buying vegetables. And the snacking shelf at work had been avoided!

Meal prep has really helped me. Last Sunday I prepped all my meals for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on Wednesday I prepared Thursday and Fridays. Friday didn’t go completely to plan as I was out of the office in the morning in meetings so had to grab a chicken wrap from the shop. At the weekend I treated myself to a Hanging Kebab at The Botanist in Leeds – it was well worth the wait all week! I had planned to be designated driver on Saturday night but that went out of the window so the consumption of a bottle of wine won’t have helped my body function properly today!

I went shopping today so my fridge is filled with healthy food for the week and my chalkboard is all filled in with the weeks meals! This week I will also be starting the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide which I’m looking forward to!

How are you preparing for the week ahead? Have you set yourself any new challenges?


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