Fitness Friday // Bedtime Yoga

fitness friday yoga for sleep

For those who are long-time followers of my blog; this feature will be quite familiar. I thought seems we’re all on health kicks I would reintroduce it!

This week I’m sharing the workout routine I’ve been doing a few times this week in an attempt to relax before bed. Like many I had a little time off at Christmas, so when my alarm went off on Monday morning it was a shock to the system! I think the combination of early mornings and back to work madness has made me restless during the night. I’ve been finding it hard to sleep so have been practising the short and relaxing yoga routine below.

 This routine is perfect for relaxing before bed, but I think it’s also a good introduction to yoga for those who have never tried it before. The moves are easy to hold, simple to follow and the time spent in each hold is sufficient.

Do you practice Yoga regularly? Or are you a bit of a home/novice practiser like me?

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  1. Christie Wang

    I am definitely a novice but, I’ve been getting into it more! It’s amazing what a nice stretch will do for you! Because I regularly practice Pilates I usually justify my way out of practicing but, I’m inspired to do it more. I love this relaxing little bedtime routine! Thanks for sharing! xx Christie


  2. Laura @ Laura : Fat2Fit

    Love Yoga with Adriene and her videos but I haven’t tried this one. This might be something I have to try out as I’ve found I’m quite restless at night and usually can’t sleep straight away. I’m currently doing her #30daysofyoga challenge for Jan.

    I love practicing yoga but I’d say I’m definitely still a novice. Never been to a yoga class and do all my yoga practice from the comfort of my own home.

    Laura |


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