Fitness Youtubers worth subscribing to

fitness youtubers

I love following fitness Youtubers. They help motivate me from the comfort of home, teach me new techniques and share fantastic workouts. There are many, many talented Youtubers but today I’m going to share 5… to get you started!

Carly Rowena
I’ve been following Carly for years now and love every video she posts. It’s been fantastic seeing her grow. Carly posts a combination of videos from health and fitness tips to workout challenges, but it’s her huge smile, infectious laugh and wonderful cheery personality that make her videos some of my favourite!

Yoga with Adriene
I follow a number of Yogis on YouTube but presently Adriene is my favourite. I’m a yoga novice but she has a wide variety of flows that you can work through from beginners to experts. Adriene doesn’t talk mumbo jumbo and keeps it real. She is humorous with a soothing voice and spends just the right amount of time on each move – not to quick as to confuse me but not to long so I get bored.

Wedges and Weights
Hannah is such a cutie! Like Carly she posts a great mixture of videos; workouts, challenges, fitness tips and fun collaborations. She is, like all the other Youtubers I adore, bubbly and motivating.

Cassey was one of the first fitness Youtubers I discovered and I have loved since completing one of her workouts. Cassey is very bubbly and loud but very motivating. Her workouts are short, challenging and played to a backdrop of catchy pop songs such as Taylor swift, Little Mix and One Direction.

Tone It Up
The tone it up girls like Cassey from Blogilates are fitness Youtuber royalty. They have been around for years and have hoards of loyal followers of their lifestyle – all of which have achieved great results. They post a new workout every Tuesday are bubbly and motivating. Their workouts are short but the aim is to do a number of reps to make the workout longer – and more effective!

Which fitness Youtubers are your favourite? Do you subscribe to any of the above?


  1. Laura @ Laura : Fat2Fit

    Some fab choices, I’m subscribed to all of them. Especially love Carly, she’s such a babe!

    Some of my other faves are Erin Motz, Holly Wakeham, Zanna van Dijk, Lottie Murphy and Nikki Blackketter.. All fantastic motivational ladies that do fitness/health vids!

    Laura |


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