New York | Black Friday, the Statue of Liberty & the Rockefeller Centre

Day 3 in New York was Black Friday! Yes that manic day when Americans go a bit crazy for a 20% discount on products they probably don’t actually need. So obviously we had to experience the madness first hand! As quite a anxious person when it comes to crowds the idea of Black Friday filled me with a little dread, but I marched on as was determined to experience it.

New York (42)New York (43)

We headed straight to Macys and straight to the Michal Kors stand. It was as we expected – hectic!  There was a lot of grabbing of bags and carrying them around in case they wanted to buy them. My friend was very lucky and found one she loved. I wasn’t so lucky in Macys, but I did have some luck in the Michael Kors store on 5th Avenue!

michael kors

I walked into the store and it was the first bag I saw! I was very lucky to receive a Michael Kors Hamilton Saffiano bag last Christmas, however I wanted a smaller bag to use at weekends. The Michael Kors Selma Saffiano was the perfect size, in one of my favourite colours, was in the sale and had a matching purse so it was obviously meant to be!

New York (75)New York (76)New York (83)New York (80)New York (81)

After a busy morning shopping in Mid-Town we headed south to catch the Staton Island Ferry so we could see the Statue of Liberty. Although there are many paid tours which take you to the island the Staute of Liberty lives on, these cost £30 and didn’t include admission to the Staute itself. So rather than folk up £30 we chose to ride the Staton Island Ferry which is free and goes right past it. The ferry takes 30 minutes to cross and offers fantastic views of not only the Statue of Liberty but of Manhattan itself. Thankfully it was a clear day so we were able to see it’s marvel.

New York (44)-tileNew York (85)New York (86)New York (87)-tile

After viewing the Statue of Liberty we raced to get the tube back up town so we could get tickets for the Top of the Rock. We had originally wished to visit the Top of the Rock at around 4.30 so we could enjoy the sunset from there. However by the time we got there there were no tickets left for that time. So we decided to instead visit the next day. The Rockefeller Centre was one of my most exciting moments as I finally got to see the famous Christmas Tree. You can see from the photos above just how chuffed I was with the silly grin on my face. Matt and I spent around an hour taking in the excitable and festive atmosphere before getting a few photos. Unfortunately the tree wasn’t lit just yet – we were a week too early for that. So I’ll have to visit New York in December at some point in the future so I can see it in all it’s glory!

Have you ever seen the Rockefeller Christmas Tree? Have you visited the Statue of Liberty – is it worth the £30?


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