The All Natural SuperVitality from Lewis Moody

Super Vitality

Health and fitness products are around us everywhere. Every week there seems to be a new product on the shelves. However my main concern with a lot of products is the ingredients so when I was introduced to SuperVitality from Lewis Moody I was pleasantly surprised.

SuperVitality is an all-natural product range developed with professional and high-performance athletes in mind. Developed my Lewis Moody the former England Rugby international the range is great for health conscious dieters and amateur athletes. Although I wouldn’t class myself as any of the above I enjoyed the range of products I tired. They are a great addition to my diet.

Super Vitality (2)

The SuperVitality Super Protein* is a great start to the day. The Acai and Raspberry Protein and Blueberry Smoothie are described as being the perfect post workout protein. The Acai and Raspberry is definitely my favourite flavour, but both are tasty and prepared quickly. It’s the low-fat mix of slow and fast release protein with the antioxidant rich super-food which make these a flavourful and fantastic breakfast or post workout shake. The standout for me with the shakes is the inclusion of the antioxidant super-foods. My usual shakes lack this so it’s a great way to sneak additional nutrients into your diet very easily.

Super Vitality (3)

For a pre-workout or mid afternoon snack it’s the Super Flapjacks* you need. There are a variety of flavours – Cherry and Almond, Full of Fruit and Apple and Ginger. All three flavours are packed with low GI carbs and made from 100% natural ingredients. I snacked on the flapjacks mid afternoon as meal four. This meant it kept me full until dinner and was the perfect pre run snack.

I’m looking to try the Super Granola and Coconut and Cherry Super Hydrate next!

Have you tried of seen the SuperVitality products? How do you add antioxidant superfoods into your diet easily?

I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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