Women’s Sportswear Sale Shopping

womens sportswear sales shopping best buys

1 – Adidas Jacket  // 2 – Adidas Energy Boost Trainers  // 3 – Tri-Me V Bra  // 4 – Funky Perfect Long Leggings  // 5 – Athlete Workout Vest  // 6 – Mantra Vest

7 – Adidas Questar Boost Trainers  // 8 – Capri Pants  // 9 – Nike Jacket  // 10 – Swift Run Vest  // 11 – Yoga Vest // 12 – Slogan Dance Tee

So the sales have been going on a while now. I’m sure there was a few of you who had a sneaky peek as soon as Christmas Day! Most places disappointed me so I didn’t end up picking up much however there have been some great picks for sports clothing!

Many say that the cost of quality workout gear can sometimes be a little pricey, so there is no better time to pick up your kit than in the sales! Plus I always find that new workout clothing is a great motivator to get me working out! I’ve had a little snoop around and picked the above as some of the best still around in the sales.

Did you pick up anything in the sales this year? Have you recently treated yourself to new workout clothes?


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