Sunday Summary // 1

sunday summary 1 1

One of my goals for my blog this year to to add a little more personality to it again. After reading through some of the last few months I realised there wasn’t much about my battle to live a healthier lifestyle. Every Sunday I aim to do a quick summary of what I’ve eaten that week and how my workouts have been. Please let me know if you enjoy these posts…

So tomorrow is the big day! I’ve seen many tweets talking about ensuring you gobble up all the Christmas chocolates, cheese and booze before a fresh start tomorrow. So which boat are you in? Are you still hand in the box of chocolates watching reruns of Friends and Big Bang Theory? Or did you start your healthy living kick on the 1st of January.

I’ve been reading Le Boot Camp Diet over Christmas in preparation for my return to a healthy lifestyle and decided that come the 2nd January I would start eating some fruit and vegetables again instead of just cheese! I had planned to eat clean from the 2nd onwards however there was a trip to Solita for burgers on Friday night and a few cheeky chocolates eaten while watching the TV. So my clean lifestyle didn’t start off perfectly but I spent the afternoon prepping my meals for next week so that there are no excuses! I’ve juices, salads in the fridge, a full fruit bowl, tupperwear filled with nuts and recipes on my blackboard for dinners.

Have you started living healthier again or are you waiting until tomorrow? How have you prepared for the week ahead?


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