Staying Motivated with John Lewis

John Lewis sports wear #jllivewell (2)John Lewis sports wear #jllivewell

So the New Year has arrived and so have everyone’s intensions to be healthier, fitter and happier. Although there are many who joke about these goals that people set I am instead inspired. I love to see people motivated to workout and live life a little healthier. After a good 10 days of excess and indulgence I am ready to get back on track and get moving again! I did do a handful of workouts over Christmas and gave my new Addidas Boost trainers from John Lewis a little test however I definitely spent more time sat on the sofa with a box of Ferrero Rocher. But I’ve been itching to lace up my new trainers and give them a real run – proving that new fitness gear and clothing is definitely a big motivator for me!

As part of John Lewis’ #JLLiveBetter campaign they kindly sent me the new workout gear above to help ensure I stayed motivated throughout the holidays and January. As I was taking part in a Running Streak at the time I thought some new running gear would be best so chose some essentials!

John Lewis sports wear #jllivewell (4)

Addidas Boost Trainers* are some that I’ve had my eye on for a very long time. I am a runner who likes support in a running shoe but at the same time I don’t like a shoe that is bulky and heavy. Boost is a groundbreaking innovation in cushioning. The soul on Addidas Boost trainers provide more energy return that any other foam cushioning material. I’ve had a handful of runs in these trainers and so far they are as “bouncy” as I expected them to be.

John Lewis sports wear #jllivewell (3)

Second or perhaps just as important as comfortable running trainers is a supportive sports bra and my go to is always Shock Absorber. The Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Sports Bra* is designed especially for running and high impact sports thanks to it’s enhanced support system to target excessive breast movement. It actually reduced breast bounce by upto 78%! So your boobs are definitely supported and prepared for any run!

To find out more about the items above head over to John Lewis where you can find the best sportswear for the activity of your choice.

Have you treated yourself to new workout gear over the holidays? What are you doing to keep yourself motivated this New Year?


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