2015 Goals


A New Year always brings much talk of New Year, New Me. Whether you enjoy the saying and use it to motivate yourself to make change in your life, or like me prefer to make goals to achieve over the year rather than chance my entire being, the New Year is always a time that people us to reflect.

As I mentioned in my 2014 in Photos blog post – last year was a fantastic year for me, so I’m hoping for more of the same this year. My blog enables me to look at last years goals and see if in fact I did achieve them. I did buy a house, read more, eat out less, stop buying lunches, get more sleep and explore somewhere new. However my goals to start some savings, save £2 every day for the rest of the year, complete all 60 days of Insanity, get a massage every 2 months and work harder on my blog weren’t so successful.

So really my 2014 new years resolutions weren’t that successful however 2014 was one of the best years of my life, so I have no regrets. I wish that 2015 is as filled with happiness, excitement and adventure as 2014 was. so my goals in 2015 are as follows –

  • Continue to explore the world slowly but surely. I want to maximise my annual leave at work and take four trips this year to at least two new destinations.
  • Start some savings – I managed to budget massively when I was paying for my trip to New York last November, so I have proven to myself I am capable of not spending most of my wage every month. So this year I will have some money aside by the end of the year.
  • Pamper myself more – I was lucky to enjoy a spa day with my mum last year and really enjoyed the day. So more spa days and treatments will be enjoyed!
  • Complete all 60 days of Insanity. This year I managed too get to day 40 which I was really happy with. In 2015 i want to complete the whole of Insanity as it really helps increase my fitness level quickly.
  • Continue to read. I always read a lot while on holiday however throughout my usual day to day life I’m not so lucky. I love reading and need to get into the habit of reading before bed rather than checking Buzzfeed, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Complete a 30 day running streak. I recently completed a 12 days running streak in the run up to Christmas and I really enjoyed it. I was proud that I forced myself out of the door for a run when I didn’t really want to. 12 days may only be short compared to others 365 day running streak but it was still a challenge for me. This year I want to push myself a little further.

What are your goals for 2015? Leave a comment below or link your blog post detailing your ambitions for 2015 – I would love to read them.


  1. Charlotte

    Anything called insanity puts me off! Is it really as painful as people say?? I always get through a load of books on holiday, as soon as I’m home, technology just takes over. I really need to get back into reading too!



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