2014 in Photos

south of france cannes 7

2014 has been a fantastic year for me. I had hoped for health, happiness and adventure and definitely saw all three. I look back at my many New Years Resolutions and Goals, and although I didn’t manage to do them all I’m pleased with what I’ve accomplished. So here is my 2014 in photos….

2014 march2014 march 2

March – Matt and I headed to Madrid to visit our friend who lives there. We spent 5 days exploring the city, enjoying the sun, and drinking!

2014 march 12014 april

March and April – One of my New Year’s resolutions in 2014 was to buy a house. Matt and I had started looking fairly early on in the year and had planned to buy one in September. However after spending most weekends looking at various new build estates we found one we kept returning to. Once we learnt there was just the one house left, we knew we had to buy it. So ended up with a new house much earlier than expected!

2014 july 1

July – My friends and I booked a very spontaneous trip to Germany so we could celebrate our friend’s 30th Birthday. We had studied with him in France and he’d invited us to his party – he didn’t think we’d actually turn up! So we spent around 5 days exploring Germany and partying in Cologne. 2014 aug 12014 aug

August – August brought my first “competitive” event. My mum, brother and friends all took part in Total Warrior at Shap. As it was our first time taking part in an event such as this we didn’t aim for a time, just to complete it. It was a hell of a lot of fun but still tough! I’m very proud of completing it and will actually do another one!

2014 aug 32014 aug 2

August – August was a month of travel for me. Matt and I jetted to the South of France where we spent 2 weeks travelling around meeting family and friends along the way. I’d previously visited the South of France when I lived in France 3 years ago, but had never summered there. I loved it! Although very busy it was very glam and beautiful. St Tropez was definitely one of my highlights.

The Fleece at Cirencester Cotswolds Mini Break (16)

October –  Matt and I celebrate our anniversary by enjoying a mini break somewhere. This year I took advantage of my staff benefits and enjoyed a break at one of our inns in Cirencester. I loved the little market town and enjoyed exploring the beautiful architecture while indulging in great food and drink.

2014 nov

November – Our new home is located close to Manchester so popping in to enjoy the city is becoming a bit of a habit! Our new home also brought us new friends in the shape of our neighbours. So when the Christmas Markets arrived in town, we soon followed!

2014 nov 12014 nov 22014 nov 3

November – Was one of my most exciting moths thanks to my trip to New York! It’s a destination I’ve always dreamed of visiting and thankfully it was everything Id hoped it would be. We spent a very hectic 5 days exploring the city and I’d go back tomorrow!

2014 dec

December – Is of course a month dedicated to all things Christmas. However this year was a little more exciting when my brother broke the news that he’d proposed to his girlfriend!

I hope you had a happy 2014. What were your highlights?


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