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Have you managed to escape the dreaded cold this winter? Luckily I have so far! However I may not escape it this week – so stats say! Research by Olbas has found that the third week of December is the annual peak when Brits come down with a cold – with today being the worst day!

The combination of a hectic diary, being huddled indoors, coming in contact with crowds while shopping till you drop in town can all contribute to that cold. Forget what your Grandma says – you don’t catch colds because you go out in cold weather with wet hair. Colds and coughs are mostly caused by viruses, so it all comes down to how may snuffling and sneezing people you come into contact with – so keep away from them in the office!

Today being the most cold ridden day of the year is not the best timing that’s for sure! I’m sure your diary is looking as full as mine, so there isn’t time for resting! The question is – what can you do to help keep colds at bay and help relieve your symptoms?

  • Stick to your side of the bed – You’re much more likely to catch a cold by spending hours in close contact with a sufferer – so keep your partner at arms lengths if they’re full of cold!
  • Once you’re sneezing, it may be too late – Colds are probably at their most contagious during the incubation period – the two days or so between being exposed to the virus and getting symptoms. Sneezing is a symptom relief rather than prevention!
  • Being congested is no laughing matter – I, like 1 in 3 people find congestion the worst part of having a cold. Start using aromatic oils containing eucalyptus or menthol can relieve stuffiness in the nose and let you breathe easy. Take a peek at the Olbas range of products!
  • You need propping up – literally! – Coughing is worse at night 0 when you lie down, mucus drips onto your soft palate stimulating your cough reflex. Make a nest of pillows to avoid being up all night coughing.

Have you suffered from a cold yet this year? What are your go-to tips for helping your through it?

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