Savse Raw Smoothie Review

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I LOVE smoothies and juices. Since I receive my Philips Viva Juicer, juices are increasingly a part of my diet. However smoothies and juices have recently got themsleves a bad reputation thanks to the latest sugar drama. Yes, some smoothies and juices do have added sugars and even those without added sugar do contain sugar from the fruit. However sugar from a smoothie isn’t the worst thing in the world! But even so some companies (such as Savse Smoothies*) are aware of this concern so have worked hard to create extra healthy smoothies!

Savse Smoothies are unlike other smoothies on the market because they are made using High Pressure Processing (HPP) which means that the ingredients are cold pressed rather than pasteurised with heat. Now this is all a bit scientific – it basically means that vital vitamins and nutrients from the while fruit and veg are locked in, rather than lost through the heating process, so no preservative are needed! Plus nothing is added to the smoothies – no sugar, no colourings or even water! Super healthy!

I’ve been enjoying Savse Smoothies as a breakfast and mid afternoon snack. They are the perfect grab and go breakfast and great at picking me up in the afternoon! The fit great with my lifestyle for when I haven’t had chance to prep my juices and smoothies for the week. These smoothies are all tasty and nutritious, however my favourites are the Super Green and the Strawberry Vitamin C one. The Super Green makes me feel smug thanks to its super nutritious content – there’s so much goodness crammed in the little bottle and the Strawberry one is really refreshing.

Have you ever tried Savse Smoothies? Do you enjoy smoothies or juices as part of your diet?

One Comment

  1. Amy

    I love smoothies and juices too! They make me feel so healthy 🙂 I’m a total juice freak actually and love trying out new combinations. I will have to check these out 🙂


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