New York City | The Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street & Ground Zero

Today was my first whole day in New York City and it has so far been everything I’d hoped for.
We arrived late last night to Penn Station and as soon as we emerged from the station we were taken back by the size of everything! Having had a busy day of traveling we decided to head straight for our hotel for a good nights rest.

In the morning we took a quick peek at Times Square seems our hotel is just around the corner, before jumping on the underground to head to Brooklyn.
We emerged in Brooklyn and headed straight to the Brooklyn Bridge. Unfortunately today there’s been a big storm over the city with a lot of rain and snow, plus freezing temperatures and wind. So the visibility wasn’t the best, however it did mean we had the whole bridge to ourselves. In the half and hour it took to cross the bridge we walked past three other groups which is completely unseen. Usually the bridge is packed full of crowds.
After walking across the Brooklyn Bridge we were all a bit cold. So headed straight for the nearest Starbucks – there seems to be one on every corner! Whilst in South Manhattan we decided to take in the sights.
After a coffee we ventured around the financial district towards Wall Street. The mixture of old and new buildings made every street interesting. It was great to see the history of the city.
For lunch we went to the notorious Bill’s Bar and Burgers and it did not disappoint! The menu was packed full of many tempting dishes and the range of ales and bottled beers was fantastic! I went for the BBQ Bacon Burger and shared Onion Rings and Chilli Cheese Fries. I would definitely recommend it to burger lovers in New York.
After lunch at Bill’s Bar and Burgers we took a short walk to the 9/11 memorial. It wasn’t too busy thanks to the wet weather so it have us chance to see it up close. It’s quite an overwhelming place to visit it as it’s hard to believe what it would of been like for the people in the city at that time. The memorial is a lovely tribute to those who lost their lives. The little roses are placed on a victims name when it’s their birthday which is a beautiful way to remember them.
We then caught the underground train back up town to Grand Central Station which is unbelievably busy!

After a very busy day of walking in the cold and wet we’re currently relaxing back at the hotel before heading out for dinner and drinks tonight. Tonight should be a great night as it’s one of the busiest of the year thanks to Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Have you ever visited New York City? Which of the places above would you most like to visit?


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