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This month I was challenged by Legacy to #LeaveYourLegacy and to be honest it’s not gone completely to plan. This month I have been travelling with work quite a bit and I’ve been busy with work and blogging, so working out have dropped down my list of priorities. I know I shouldn’t make excuses and I should find the time so instead of putting myself down I’m dusting myself off and trying again!

I was lucky enough to received some gorgeous workout kit from Legacy and new kit always motivates me!

So my goals for the rest of the month are to –

– Get back on the Insanity regime – Start month 2 again and give it a better go!

– Run three times a week

– Eat six healthy dinner a week – no more beautiful meals out with work

– Complete one yoga workout a week.

If you fancy motivating yourself with some new workout gear then treat yourself to 30% off everything at Legacy with the discount code – Outsidebeauty30

How are your goals going this month? Are you on track or are you too giving yourself a talking to?

One Comment

  1. laurafat2fit

    The legacy packaging is just gorgeous isn’t it! Love the colour of the tank you got! Legacy is such good quality, I got a cropped shirt in a giveaway and its SO soft!

    Sometimes sh*t happens and we get sidetracked with our goals. The good thing is that you have set new goals and are going to get back on it!

    I’m off track with my goals too. As soon as winter comes, I get lazy and I need to snap out of the habit!

    Laura | laurafat2fit.blogspot.co.uk |


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