Twinings New Tea Blends

Twinings new tea blends 2014Twinings new tea blends 2014 (2)Twinings new tea blends 2014 (3)

There is nothing I love more than exciting new “posh teas”. I say “posh teas” as to many I know teas that are anything but breakfast teas and earl greys are fancy teas. However the tea market as a whole is changing. Now you no longer have to find a specialist tea shop to discover a specialist tea, you can buy them from your local supermarket.

Twinings are a company who are evolving with the tea revolution and who have brought out many new teas this year. I still adore their Green Tea range which makes green tea exciting to drink not a chore! They recently launched a new range of teas blend which are definitely something special!

Twinings news blends are created to provide a more varied and unique way to engage with your sense and make you think differently about tea. There is a huge fantastic range to choose from; Apple & Elderflower, Elderflower Darjeeling, Vanilla Chai Latte, Jasmine Petals and Pearls, Moroccan Mint & Rose, Passion Fruit Ceylon, Gingerbread Chai Latte, Citrus Ginger Twist, Mango Tango, Popcorn Green Tea, Nutty Chocolate Assam… I could go on! However I chose three to try first-

Twinings Bollywood Chai Latte* – This tea is full of traditional Indian spices and almond. These flavours work perfectly in partnership to make a flavour that is sweet yet exotic.

Twinings Nutty Chocolate Assam* – Now this tea is definitely my new favourite! Smells like nutella and takes like a dream. It’s a sweet black tea with a chocolate and creamy hazelnut taste that feels like a big chocolate hug but without the sin! Great for a chocolate craving.

Twinings Super Fruity* – What’s not to love about a fruity tea. This one isn’t so great for cold winter days but perfect for when the sun comes back out!  It’s deliciously juicy with a fruity blend.

Out of the three I will definitely be buying a box full of the Nutty Chocolate Assam!

Have you tried any of Twinings new teas? Which one tickles your fancy?


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