Cosy Evenings, Huge Burgers, Fireworks & Family Quizzes

Bonfire 2014 Carlisle Fireshow (3) (2) (2)

Last weekend was a weekend of family tradition for me. Every Bonfire I head back up the homeland to go to the Carlisle FireShow. Ever since I can remember I have gone to the Carlisle FireShow with my Dad, Step-Mum and siblings. Our exact plans have changed a little; way back in the day my dad would stay at the house setting up the BBQ while we all ventured down to the park to watch the fireworks. Now-a-days we all go down together and head back to the house for a big bowl of warming curry or chilli afterwards! So Friday after work Matt and I headed straight up to Cumbria – first stop was my mums.

Bonfire 2014 (3)Bonfire 2014

The evening was spent cuddled up in the living room with the dogs, watching Batman movies and hiding from trick-or-treaters – not that we had any! In the morning we packed the car back up and drove up to Carlisle where we enjoyed a little bit of pre-New York shopping – obviously I need a new wardrobe for my trip – and lunch. For lunch we headed to Quarter Lounge which we haven’t yet had the chance to try. The wait was definitely worth it!

Quarter Lounge Carlisle Review (2)

The Quarter Lounge was very busy, but thankfully they squeezed us in and we enjoyed some mighty tasty burgers and amazing fries! I’ll be doing a whole review on the place soon.

Bonfire 2014 Carlisle Fireshow (3)Bonfire 2014 Carlisle Fireshow (2)Bonfire 2014 Carlisle FireshowBonfire 2014 Carlisle Fireshow (4)

In the evening we headed down to the FireShow early to make the most of the fair. My little brother and sister spent their pennies going on many rides while the rest of us indulged in sticky, bright pink candy floss and fudge. We always spend about an hour wandering around the fair before heading towards to the bonfire to find our spots to enjoy the fireworks.

Bonfire 2014 Carlisle Fireshow (2) (2)Bonfire 2014 Carlisle Fireshow (3) (2)

Each year the Fireshow has a theme and this year it was a Tudor Theme with the Bonfire being a replica of Carlisle Castle’s fortress walls.  The bonfire was lit at 7pm and the fireworks started at 7:30pm. There were over 35,000 watch 2000 fireworks over a half an hour period. However no matter how grand it is, for me it’s about bundling up in cosy hats, scarves and wellies, walking down with my family and watching it together.

After the display we headed back home where the soup and curry were waiting on the stove. The fire was lit while the food heated up. My grandparents came around  armed with many cakes and we all sat together around the big table to enjoy our warming feast. After a bowl of soup, a bowl of curry and a few Halloween cakes we headed to the living room and Dad dug out the quiz! This year the theme was Halloween and it was girls vs. boys, then kids vs. adults! Things always tend to get a bit competitive – so it must be a trait that runs in the family! Every year it’s the same routine yet for me it’s an evening I look forward to every year. It’s funny little traditions like this that make families who they are, and for me this is always a highlight of my year!

What little traditions do your family have? How did you spend Halloween or Bonfire Night?

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